What is Wiris Quizzes?

Wiris Quizzes is an assessment tool with computer-based grading that enhances the usual question types with mathematical and scientific functionalities. There are integrations available for LMS (Moodle, Canvas,…) and for your own assessment tool through our public API. We would like to show you just how potent this tool can be in a classroom setting.

Suppose we want to ask a usual question in grade school mathematics. Let’s see an outline of what Wiris Quizzes has to offer.

As a teacher, interpreting the student’s answer mathematically is natural or almost involuntary when we grade exams by hand, but a typical problem for computers is that they can only understand text literally. In this example, the correct answer set by the teacher is 2 left parenthesis x plus 1 right parenthesis. Another equivalent way of writing this will also be correct, for example, by distributing the product: 2 x plus 2.

Example geometry question and answer.

For more detail about creating questions like this, see the Wiris Quizzes basic guide.

Another notable feature of Wiris Quizzes is its ability to generate random questions. This means we can write a general question with different data each time the question is opened. Considering the previous example, in the animation below we'll make part of the question random.

In Wiris Quizzes, you can define and manage random variables. We do this in the Wiris Quizzes Studio Interface. In fact, this is where most of the work is done in Wiris Quizzes. It's here we define a random length and the other side of the triangle correspondingly. Then we modify the correct answer using the new variable as part of the formula.

Animation showing using random variables in a question.

Finally, we insert these variables into the question statement. Now if two different students view the question, we can confirm the values have changed. Since the values change, naturally the solution is also different for each case.

The same geometry problem as the earlier example, but with a random variable.

For more detail about creating questions with random parameters, see its dedicated page.

Wiris Quizzes is great for creating mathematical questions, but because it understands units of measurement it's also appropriate for physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and more.

Thus you can create a question which answer includes units and you can even penalize answers without units or without the specified units.

A Wiris Quizzes question and answer with units of measurement.

For more information about creating questions with units, see its dedicated page.

Another interesting feature of Wiris Quizzes is using the student's answer in the question feedback. This way it's possible to show the student why he has answered wrong or which steps he should have followed. We can add feedback, for instance, to a question asking for a particular function to show the difference between the plotters of the answered function and the correct one.

Student's incorrect answer with feedback in Wiris Quizzes.

To learn more about how you can use the student's answer in the feedback of the question, see its dedicated page.

It may seem like creating a question with Wiris Quizzes isn't easy, and that may seem worse if you consider you won't be used to its user interface. To help ease the transition, we are offering free Wiris Quizzes Training. This course consists of three parts, which cover theoretical contents, examples, and exercises.

If you are interested in enrolling in this training, email us at training@wiris.com and we will provide you with access information and login credentials.

Wiris Quizzes Training banner

For more details about the training's aims and description, see its dedicated page.