In this page you will find everything you need to know to obtain Wiris Quizzes CERTIFICATION.
Basic knowledge of calculus, geometry, linear algebra and statistics.
Els requeriments que hagin de tenir per poder optar a la certificació.
In this course the student will create algorithms with WIRIS CAS and construct questions using Wiris Quizzes. The examples they will create will be useful for their future courses. Moreover, they will consolidate their knowledge of the software through applied examples.
The students will have a month to study the contents of the certification and a week to answer a quiz. This schedule is orientative.
There are two types of questions: algorithm writing and question creation.

Algorithm writing

Each writing algorithm problem is weighted by a point of the whole grade. The problem will be graded from 0 (lower) to 4 (higher) in two categories: efficiency of the algorithm and quality of the code. Therefore,

text Grade of the problem end text equals 0.5 times fraction numerator text Efficiency of the algorithm end text over denominator 4 end fraction plus 0.5 times fraction numerator text Quality of the code end text over denominator 4 end fraction

Follwoing it is described in detail how will the answers be graded:

Evaluation of