CalcMe integration in Wiris Quizzes Studio

All your Java compatibility issues with browsers and operating systems are now over!
The first CalcMe integration in Wiris Quizzes is now available. CalcMe, our cross-browser compatible Javascript calculator, replaces Wiris CAS (our original Java-based calculator).
Now, you can create a question in a more friendly way: it is possible to use CalcMe to code your algorithm inside Wiris Quizzes Studio window. In the Variables tab now you do not need to save and download a tedious Java file; you can start typing your algorithm right away in the same window. We have also gotten rid of the variables library: from now on, you will only need a single working sheet for your code and plots.

How different is CalcMe from Wiris CAS?

CalcMe is a calculator with the same features as Wiris CAS but with an improved user experience. CalcMe is a Javascript application compatible with all browsers while Wiris CAS was based on Java applets. The transition from Wiris CAS to CalcMe will be smooth. You can try CalcMe here.

Is Wiris Cas going to disappear completely from Wiris Quizzes?

By the end of 2019, Wiris CAS will be removed from Wiris Quizzes and there will be no more releases. In old versions of Wiris Quizzes, Wiris CAS will still be available. Of course, we strongly recommend to update your Wiris Quizzes to the latest version and start using CalcMe.

Am I going to lose all my old Wiris CAS algorithms?

No, of course not. There are three main situations:

  • If you do not modify your questions, they will work exactly the same as before. Even if you modify the statement or some properties of Studio, or you or your institution update Wiris Quizzes' version, but you do not modify the algorithm, the question will be the same.
  • If you decide to change the algorithm with CalcMe, then the question will change. CalcMe has a translation engine that translates old sessions created with Wiris CAS to CalcMe sessions. If you edit questions created with Wiris CAS, they will be automatically converted into CalcMe. Follow this link to see how it works. However, if you are not satisfied with the algorithm, you can click Cancel and all the changes will be discarded.
  • The only case when the question will change, even if you do not modify it, is when it had a Wiris CAS window as an auxiliary calculator for the student. In this case, the students will see CalcMe instead.
CalcMe also replaces Wiris CAS in the Variables tab of the Wiris Quizzes Studio as de default calculator. This tab looks different in the following scenarios:

  • a question with no algorithm.
  • a question with an algorithm written in Wiris CAS.
  • a question with an algorithm already written in CalcMe.

A question with no algorithm

This is the state of the tab when opened for the first time:

After clicking Edit algorithm, the calculator is opened.

In this window we can write and execute a CalcMe algorithm as usual, as we do in The algorithm is automatically saved but you can go back to the Variables tab clicking the arrow in the upper left corner.

After adding an algorithm with CalcMe if you go back to the Variables tab, you will only be able to edit it using CalcMe.

Recover Wiris CAS

You can go back to the initial state leaving the CalcMe session blank or deleting the algorithm.

A question with an algorithm written in WIRIS CAS

This is how the Variables tab in Wiris Quizzes Studio looks when working with a question written in Wiris CAS:

After clicking Edit algorithm a warning displays in the browser letting us know that the algorithm is going to be translated from Wiris CAS to CalcMe and that the process is irreversible (though it is possible to recover the original algorithm as the warning explains if you click Cancel in the Wiris Quizzes Studio window).

If we accept the warning, the algorithm will be translated and you will see it in the CalcMe window.

Make sure the algorithm works perfectly. Execute it and test it before saving the question. If you have some trouble with the translation, send us an email to with the question file.

From this point on, the behavior is identical to the one in the previous section.

Recovering Wiris CAS

If we want to go back to the question original state, click Cancel in Wiris Quizzes Studio and open Wiris Quizzes Studio again.


Algorithms in CalcMe can be easily translated into available languages through the Application settings. In case that the original Wiris CAS algorithm is written in a language not available in CalcMe, like Basque or Estonian, you will see a warning message notifying that the algorithm is about to be translated into English and then converted to CalcMe.

A question with an algorithm already written in CalcMe

Opening the Variables tab in a question with an algorithm already written in CalcMe, the Wiris CAS option will not be available. Please note that, as in the previous cases, a tip is displayed indicating that we need to delete the algorithm to make Wiris CAS available again.

If a session in CalcMe has plotters with graphs, they can be used as variables in the question. To use them, we need to assign the plotter to a variable.

If we draw something directly on Graph, it will also be displayed.

If we import a question with a Wiris CAS applet for auxiliary calculations with auxiliary content, CalcMe will translate it.

The option of displaying a Wiris CAS applet for auxiliary calculations for the student will not be available anymore. There will be only the option of adding an auxiliary CalcMe instead.

As it happened with Wiris CAS, the user can set initial content for the student, so Initial content launches CalcMe.

In this case, there is a default visible title. The teacher can edit or hide it, and the student will see the result as expected.