Word and PowerPoint macros (digital signature) certificate has expired

The latest version -v 7.4.10- of MathType 7 for Windows fixes this issue. You can download the latest version here.
The information on this page applies to:
  • MathType for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2007 and later (Windows)

When using MathType with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, an alert message appears due to the expiration of the digital signature.

The alert message may be different depending on the version of Word or PowerPoint:

  • Warning: the digital signature has expired.
  • SECURITY WARNING Some active content has been disabled, followed by another warning that macros have been disabled.

 Warning message SECURITY WARNING Some active content has been disabled  Warning message SECURITY WARNING Macros have been disabled

As a result, the MathType tab in Word or PowerPoint is unusable until the macros are enabled.

A certificate with a digital signature is a measure of security because it verifies the macros as having come from a company that is who it claims to be. Our macro certificates expired, which makes some features of MathType unusable in Word or PowerPoint until they're enabled.

The macro file has not suffered any change and does not contain any security hazards. Therefore, as a workaround, allow Word or PowerPoint to work with MathType's macro while our Development team generates the new macro file properly signed. In order to allow Word or PowerPoint to use MathType's macros, press or click the "Enable" button or setting that can be seen in the images above.