Pasting into Word: Equation pastes at the beginning of the paragraph, rather than at the insertion point

The information on this page applies to:
MathType for WindowsMicrosoft Word for Windows

You have MathType open as a separate application and are pasting equations into Word rather than using the MathType commands for that. You're surprised to see when you paste an equation at the end of a sentence, the equation doesn't paste there; it pastes at the beginning of the paragraph — similar to what you see in this animation:

Animation showing equation being pasted at the wrong place in Word.

Word has some settings that control where things appear after they're pasted into the document. The name of the setting implies it only applies to pictures, but it controls the location of any non-text items you paste into Word.

In Word, click the File tab, then Options. Navigate to this location in Options:

"Advanced", then "Insert/paste pictures as".

Notice the setting here is "Square". Change it to "In line with text".


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