Insert special characters

This is a new feature in EDITOR version 4.1.

To input special characters or symbols, click the  Insert special characters button in the Formatting group on the General tab.


A menu will appear with a list of symbols and characters.


On the right, you can choose which category to select your symbol from. Once you find the symbol you want to insert, click it and it will appear in the editor.

Alternatively, if you know the Unicode code for a character, type it in the blank to get it directly:


Sometimes more than one symbol will appear. This is done to allow entering the codepoint value either in either hexadecimal or decimal. In the above example, the code could either mean U+0198 as a hexadecimal Unicode number, or Æ as a decimal Unicode number, so both are shown:

When you enter a Unicode number, MathType will show options for the symbol at that hexadecimal codepoint as well as the symbol at that decimal codepoint.