Adobe Flash/Flex package

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Adobe Flash/Flex is a technology that allows creating advanced mobile and Web applications. We offer different solutions for editing and displaying formulas for the flash/flex technology. The internal file format for such formulas would be MathML, which is the standard for maths formula representation.

MathType for Adobe Flash/Flex provides an equation editor component to Flash, Flex, ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR.

Once the package is unzipped, there are three folders: embed-swf, editor, and editor-viewer. Each one corresponds, respectively, to one of the Flash demos available here.

The folders contain the source code of the demo, the Editor libraries in swc format, a build.xml script (for the ant build tool), a FlashDevelop project and the resulting swf already compiled.

There is a complete description of the available APIs for Editor for Flash.

Both MathType SaaS (software as a service from and MathType - server components can generate swf files. Because the swf is a vector format, your formulas will scale smoothly. You can store the images inside your application or request them on the fly to the server.

You can check it out in our demo at In the demo, you are editing the formulas with our JavaScript editor and when clicking over the "Flash" button an image is generated on the fly.

You can mix the images with surrounding text using the TextField display object together with HTML or use the more advanced TextFlow and you will benefit from improved formula layout.

Image shows examples of SWF equation images in a Flash application.

We have ported our MathType to Adobe Flash. Whether your team needs to create formulas to include within your content or allow the students to input formulas in their assignments, the MathType for Flash is your solution.

With a common editor core library, you will be able to fully configure the look & feel and the available panels and icons. This same engine can be used in read-only mode to display formulas.

Formulas are represented internally with the MathML format. The MathML can then be stored in a dataSDK or sent to a calculator engine to be computed or validated.

Click the following images to get the running example 1 and example 2.

MathType web interface toolbar configured on the top with a small set of icons.

MathType web interface toolbar configured on the left with even smaller set of icons

MathType for Flash can be used in read-only mode to display formulas inside your Flash application. In addition, you can easily control the color, size and font family of the formulas.

The input format would be MathML which enables you to create the formulas dynamically. For example, you can retrieve it from a dataSDK or generate it randomly in a mathematical quiz.

You can also mix formulas with text using the improved TextFlow Flash component. Such formulas will be always well aligned, even when the surrounding text layout changes.

Click the following image to open the running example.

Example of displaying dynamic formulas in Flash.