Strange equation spacing

TechNote 154
The information on this page applies to:
MathType for Windows

Sometimes it looks as though MathType has added extra space beneath the content of an equation (in this case, beneath the matrix within the brackets), and it's impossible to remove the space:

extra space beneath an equation

Or, you're typing along minding your own business and everything's looking fine. Then you insert a space into your equation (such as a thin space from MathType's "Spaces and ellipses" palette), and all of a sudden you have a lot of extra space beneath your equation:

a lot of space below the equation

When you use certain fonts in MathType for Windows, this issue will occur. Two such fonts are Cambria Math and Latin Modern Math. Currently these fonts are not usable in MathType.

Explanation — Why does this happen?

The Cambria Math font was designed to be used with Word 2007 (and later), and the equation editor introduced in that version of Word. Latin Modern Math and others were created for similar reasons. Because of the "font metrics" of these fonts, they do not work well with MathType.

In MathType's "Define Styles" dialog (in MathType's Style menu, choose Define), don't use Cambria Math font as the Primary font (Simple) or for the Text, Function, Variable, Vector-Matrix, or Number styles (Advanced). If you like the looks of the Cambria Math font, the Cambria font looks identical to Cambria Math, and you should be able to use it in MathType without any problem.


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