MathType for D2L/Brightspace - Math editor

MathType is the default equation editor in D2L/Brightspace. It is a WYSIWYG formula editor designed to streamline the process of writing mathematical equations. It is a powerful tool that allows composing any math expression with high graphics quality while remaining simple and easy to learn.

If the Graphical equation button is not showing on the Brightspace Content toolbar, click the Show All Components button at the right side of the toolbar: The icon looks like 3 dots, and is at the far right of the toolbar.

Click or tap the Graphical equation icon on the second row of the Content editor toolbar.

Animation showing how to insert a MathType equation into Brightspace.

If you want to modify an existing equation, click once to select it, then click or tap the Graphical equation icon. After writing or modifying the formula, click Insert if you want to insert the formula as shown, or Cancel if you want to exit without saving changes.

Animation showing how to edit a MathType equation previously entered into Brightspace.

Equations are treated as any other kind of object:
  • You can select an equation by either clicking it or by moving the cursor over it while holding the SHIFT key.
  • You can erase formulae by selecting them and pressing delete, or move the cursor after (before) them and press the Delete (Backspace) key. If you delete a formula accidentally, you can recover it by clicking the undo icon, or pressing CTRL + Z.
  • You can cut, copy, and paste formulae in the usual way by pressing CTRL+X, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V. This is particularly useful when you have to write several formulae which are very similar. You can apply all of those operations to a single formula or to combinations of formulae and text, and you can paste to other MathType windows.
  • You can also drag&drop a formula using the mouse.