Word add-in for Mac/Windows

MathType is available for computer versions of Office, currently working only for Word. Note this is not the same as MathType for Mac and Windows. MathType works in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as described elsewhere in the documentation.
The process described on this page is for the MathType add-in that's available through Word's Add-ins dialog. Creating and editing an equation is straightforward. Just click the MathType or ChemType icons in the toolbar and start writing. Follow the instructions below as a guide.

The following screenshots were taken on a Mac; appearance on Windows will be similar but may vary.

System requirements: The MathType add-in for Word requires Word 2016 or later, including Office 365, and will not appear in the App Store in earlier versions of Word.
  1. From the Insert tab in Word, depending on your system configuration either click or tap Add-ins then click or tap Store, or click or tap Get Add-ins to browse add-ins.
    Browse add-ins from Word's Insert tab in the ribbon.
  2. The easiest way to find the MathType add-in is by typing mathtype (it's not case-sensitive) in the search window and pressing Enter/Return.
    Search for MathType in the Office Add-ins store.
  3. If you click or tap the description, you'll be able to read more information about the add-in. If you click or tap Add, you'll install the add-in into Word.
  4. It will be easy to verify the add-in has been installed. Look at the right side of the Insert tab for the Math and Chemistry buttons:
Math and Chemistry buttons for Mac Math and Chemistry buttons for Windows
Mac Windows
Note: If you insert equations into Word as described here, you may edit these equations in Word for iPad if you've also installed our MathType add-in for iPad.
  1. In the Insert tab, click or tap either Math (for MathType) or Chemistry (for ChemType). For the remainder of these steps, we'll assume you've opened MathType, but if you're using ChemType, the steps are the same.
  2. When the MathType editor opens, create the equation and click or tap Insert to insert an equation into the document. For additional instruction on using the MathType editor, a good place to start is with the Introductory Tutorials.
    After tapping "Math" on the Insert tab, the MathType add-in pops up for you to create the equation.
  3. If you'd rather use handwriting for creating equations than point & click, see item #3 in the next section.
  1. Select the equation you want to edit. The easiest way to select the equation is to click once inside the equation, then click the "handle" to its upper left:
    Click the handle to select the equation.
  2. Click the Math button on the Insert tab, and the equation will open in the MathType add-in.
    Editing the equation in the MathType add-in.
  3. If you're using a touchscreen and you'd rather write the equation or corrections by hand, tap the hand icon to the right of the MathType add-in, and the equation will open in the handwriting interface. To delete something, scribble through it until it turns red. Tap the trash can to delete the whole equation and start over.::
  4. When you're finished, tap Insert to insert the edited equation. Note the default editing mode is point & click, so even if you use handwriting to create or edit an equation, the next time you open the MathType add-in, it will open to the point & click interface, not handwriting.
    You have the option of using point and click or handwriting.