MathType Integrations

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Integrations into HTML editors

Integrations into XML editors

Integrations into CMS

Custom integrations - SDK

There are simple examples of MathType Integrations that you can download.

npm installation

All HTML editors can be installed using npm. The packages are available in the following URL's:

Missing an integration?

If your Web application, HTML or XML Editor is not among the available MathType Integrations, we can develop it for you, or you can do it yourself using the generic integration as a starting point, which is compatible with PHP, Java and ASP.NET technologies.


MathType Integrations offer the integration of MathType with full web applications directly with HTML or XML editors. While MathType can be used as software as a service (SaaS), MathType integration must always be installed in your web application server. All MathType Integrations are compound of server-side technologies (PHP, Java, ASP .NET) and browser technologies (HTML and JavaScript).
MathType is a powerful tool that allows composing any math expression with high graphics quality, while remaining simple and easy to learn.

There are two ways you can open MathType:

  1. If you want to write a new formula, click the icon in the editor toolbar. Usually, the icon will look like this: .
  2. If you want to modify an existing formula, select it and click the same icon, or just double-click the formula.

After writing or modifying the formula, click OK if you want to insert the formula as it is shown, or Cancel if you want to exit without saving changes.

Within the application that integrates MathType, formulas are treated as any other kind of object:

  • You can select formulas by either clicking them or by holding Shift while using the arrow keys to move the cursor over the formula.
  • You can erase formulas by selecting them and pressing delete, or by moving the cursor after (before) them and pressing the delete (supr) key. If you delete a formula accidentally, you can recover it by clicking the undo icon, or pressing Ctrl+Z on Windows or +Z on Mac.
  • You can also drag & drop a formula with the mouse. You cannot drag & drop part of an expression from one part of a MathType window to another. This is possible with MathType, but not MathType.
NOTE: Many shortcut keys on Windows include the Ctrl key. Generally these same shortcuts on the Mac use the key instead of Ctrl. On the remainder of this page, when we mention a shortcut, we will only give the Windows shortcut, with the understanding that the Mac one is the same, except substituting for Ctrl.
  • Make possible to integrate the MathType tools smoothly and the installation is straightforward.
  • Target different technologies (PHP, Java, ASP .NET, etc.) and different HTML editors (TinyMCE, CKEditor, …) or available platforms (Moodle, SAKAI, Joomla,…).
  • Perform a cache of the images of the formulas. This is done inside your web application server to allow fast image delivery.
  • There is a configuration file where you can tune many features.
  • The several plugins have all of them the same architecture and share code as much as possible. Improvements and bug fixes are applied to all of them.
  • MathType could be integrated directly into any system without a MathType Integration, but the effort would be great and would require reinventing it.