MathType Word add-in for iPad

MathType is available for Word for iPad. Creating and editing an equation is similar to the computer version. Just tap the MathType or ChemType icons in the app sidebar and start writing. Follow the instructions below as a guide.

System requirements

Word requires iOS 12 or later, but there are no additional requirements for being able to install the MathType add-in to Word. If you can install and run Word, you can install and run the add-in.

Installing MathType for Word on the iPad

Activate Office for iPad Add-in

After installing Word for iPad, follow this process to install the MathType/ChemType add-in:

  1. In Word, go to the Insert tab.
  2. Tap the Add-ins icon.
  3. Tap Office Add-ins and scroll to MathType, then tap Add.

Adding the MathType add-in to the iPad.

Adding equations to Word for iPad

Note: If you insert equations into Word for iPad as described here, you may edit these equations in Word for Mac/Windows. You may do so either with Word's built-in equation editor, or with MathType. If you use MathType, you'll need to convert the equation to a MathType equation first.
  1. In the Insert tab, tap Add-ins and choose MathType from the list of installed Add-ins.
  2. In the MathType add-in pane, tap either Open MathType or Open ChemType. For the remainder of these steps, we'll assume you've opened MathType, but if you're using ChemType, the steps are the same.
    Note: When MathType opens, it will open to the handwriting interface by default. If you'd rather use the point & click graphical interface, tap the keyboard icon in MathType's lower left. To switch to handwriting, tap the "finger squiggle" icon on the right side of the graphical interface. You can switch back and forth as often as you need to.
  3. When the MathType editor opens, create the equation and tap Insert to insert into the document. For additional instruction on using the MathType editor, a good place to start is with the Introductory Tutorials.

Adding an equation to a document in Word for iPad.

Editing equations in Word for iPad

Note: These steps also allow you to use MathType to edit "OMML" equations that were created with Word's equation editor. This is important, since Microsoft doesn't provide a way to edit OMML equations on the iPad.
  1. Double-tap the equation you'd like to edit:
    Double-tapping an equation in Word selects it.
  2. Tap Open MathType in the MathType add-in pane. If the MathType add-in pane isn't open, from the Insert tab, tap Add-ins and choose MathType from the list of installed Add-ins.
    Tap the Open MathType item in the MathType add-in pane to edit the equation.
  3. The equation will open in MathType. Make the changes to the equation, and tap Insert to insert the changed equation back into the document. If you change your mind, tap Cancel.
Note: If you edit an equation, then change your mind after you insert it, just tap the Undo button at the top:

Tap the Undo button at the top of Word to undo edits you have just made.