Setting oXygen's MathML preferences

After installing both oXygen and MathFlow, you need to let oXygen know where to find MathFlow and its license, as well as which MathFlow Editor to use.

MathFlow installation directory:

  • MathFlow 2.0 and earlier -- C:\Program Files\MathFlow SDK\{version}
  • MathFlow 2.1 and later, 64-bit Windows -- C:\Program Files (x86)\MathFlow SDK\{version}
  • MathFlow 2.1 and later, 32-bit Windows -- C:\Program Files\MathFlow SDK\{version}

MathFlow license file

  •  {MathFlow installation directory}\windows\samples\dessci.lic

Enter these paths in the appropriate slot in oXygen Preferences > Editor > Edit modes > Author > MathML. In the section beneath where you specify the paths, you can choose the MathFlow editor your license works with. If you are licensed for more than one MathFlow editor, choose the one you prefer to work with.