Files for compiling and running

Jar, DLL and EXE Files

All files needed for compiling and running any of the MathFlow SDK components are included in the following directories:

  • <path-to-mathflow-sdk>/java/lib
  • <path-to-mathflow-sdk>/windows/bin
  • <path-to-mathflow-sdk>/windows/lib

The topics in this section will help you decide which files you need for your project.

NOTE: For those using a FlexNet license on Windows operating systems, ensure that the path to the directory containing the FlexNet DLL (lmgr11.dll) is included in the PATH environment variable.

For 32-bit Windows, use <path-to-mathflow-sdk>/resources/windows/32bitDLL/
For 64-bit Windows, use <path-to-mathflow-sdk>/resources/windows/64bitDLL/

Digitally signed Jar files

Design Science digitally signs all its jar files. Once your Java application is completed, you have two options, as follows:

  • You can unjar the MathFlow SDK jar files and rejar them with your code and digitally sign them yourself.
  • Design Science can re-sign your jar files, while including your Java application(s). Please contact Technical Support for more information.

Other files

The sample code directories contain various script, executable, and HTML files for running the sample code.

Beginning with MathFlow 2.1, the contents of these jar files are packaged into a single MathFlow.jar file. These components formerly had their own individual jar file:

ComponentOld jar file
Simple Editor Applet MFSimpleApplet.jar
Simple Editor MFSimpleEditor.jar
Style Editor Applet MFStyleEditor.jar
Style Editor MFStyleEditor.jar
Structure Editor Applet MFStructureEditor.jar
Structure Editor MFStructureEditor.jar
Equation Composer for Java or
Document Composer for Java

Based on your specific Windows Operating System, there are two executable files and two DLLs available. Ensure that you verify whether your Operating System is Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit.

Operating SystemRequired Executable FilesRequired DLLs
Windows 32-bitEquationComposer32.exe
Windows 64-bitEquationComposer64.exe
Note: The Windows DLLs and executables will not run unless the MathType fonts have been installed. The MathFlow SDK installer installs the fonts for you, but if you are deploying the Windows Composers to another system, you will need to run the MathType font installer on that system. You can find the MathType font installer at:
<path-to-MathFlow-SDK>\resources\windows\Design Science True Type Fonts 2.0 Installer.msi