WordPerfectMathA encoding

Character grid

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 0                  0
 1                  1
 2 0020: Space2212: Minus sign00B1: Plus-minus sign2264: Less-than or equal to2265: Greater-than or equal to221D: Proportional to002F: Forward slash (solidus)2215: Division slash2216: Set minus00F7: Division sign2223: Divides2329: Left-pointing angle bracket232A: Right-pointing angle bracket223C: Tilde operator2248: Almost equal to2261: Identical to 2
 3 2208: Element of2229: Intersection2225: Parallel to2211: N-ary summation221E: Infinity00AC: Not sign2192: Rightwards arrow2190: Leftwards arrow2191: Upwards arrow2193: Downwards arrow2194: Left right arrow2195: Up down arrow25B6: Black right-pointing triangle25C0: Black left-pointing triangle25B2: Black up-pointing triangle25BC: Black down-pointing triangle 3
 4 22C5: Dot operator22C5: Dot operator2218: Composition2219: Bullet operator212B: Angstrom sign00B0: Degree sign03BC: Greek small letter mu0305: Overbar embellishment00D7: Multiplication sign222B: Integral220F: N-ary product2213: Minus-plus sign2207: Gradient (nabla)2202: Partial differential2032: Prime2033: Double prime 4
 5 EB0B: Large rightwards arrow accent212F: Script small e2113: Script small l210F: Planck constant over two pi2111: Fraktur capital I211C: Fraktur capital R2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol21C4: Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow21C6: Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow21D2: Rightwards double arrow21D0: Leftwards double arrow21D1: Upwards double arrow21D3: Downwards double arrow21D4: Left right double arrow21D5: Up down double arrow2197: North east arrow 5
 6 2198: South east arrow2196: North west arrow2199: South west arrow222A: Union2282: Subset of2283: Superset of2286: Subset of or equal to2287: Superset of or equal to220B: Contains as member2205: Empty set2308: Left ceiling2309: Right ceiling230A: Left floor230B: Right floor226A: Much less-than226B: Much greater-than 6
 7 2220: Angle2297: Circled times2295: Circled plus2296: Circled minusE985: Circled division sign2299: Circled dot operator22C0: N-ary logical and22C1: N-ary logical or22BB: Xor22A4: Down tack22A5: Perpendicular2322: Frown22A2: Right tack22A3: Left tack25A1: White square  7
 8 25A0: Black square2662: White diamond suit2666: Black diamond suit301A: Left white square bracket301B: Right white square bracket2260: Not equal to2262: Not identical to2235: Because or since2234: Therefore2237: Proportion222E: Contour integral2112: Script capital L212D: Fraktur capital C2128: Fraktur capital Z2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol25CB: White circle 8
 9 E990: White up-pointing triangle above bar25C7: White diamond22C6: Star operator2034: Triple prime2210: N-ary coproduct2243: Asymptotically equal to2245: Approximately equal to227A: Precedes227C: Precedes or equal to227B: Succeeds227D: Succeeds or equal to2203: There exists2200: For all22D8: Very much less-than22D9: Very much greater-than228E: Multiset union 9
 A 228A: Subset of with not equal to228B: Superset of with not equal to2293: Square cap2294: Square cup228F: Square image of2291: Square image of or equal to22E4: Square image of or not equal to2290: Square original of2292: Square original of or equal to22E5: Square original of or not equal to25B3: White up-pointing triangle25BD: White down-pointing triangle22B2: Normal subgroup of22B3: Contains as normal subgroup22C8: Bowtie2323: Smile A
 B 2322: Frown25EF: Large circle219D: Rightwards wave arrow21A9: Leftwards arrow with hook21AA: Rightwards arrow with hook21A3: Rightwards arrow with tail21B6: Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)21C1: Right harpoon (barb down)21CC: Right harpoon over left harpoon21CB: Left harpoon over right harpoon21B3: Downwards arrow with tip rightwards21BE: Up harpoon (barb right)21C3: Down harpoon (barb left)21C2: Down harpoon (barb right) B
 C 21C9: Rightwards paired arrows21C7: Leftwards paired arrowsE9A3: White smileE9A4: White frown263E: Last quarter moon263D: First quarter moon229A: Circled ring operator229B: Circled asterisk operator229D: Circled dash2127: Inverted ohm sign2221: Measured angle2222: Spherical angle22B2: Normal subgroup of22B3: Contains as normal subgroup25B3: White up-pointing triangle25BD: White down-pointing triangle C
 D 2214: Dot plus2250: Approaches the limit2252: Approximately equal to or the image of2253: Image of or approximately equal to224E: Geometrically equivalent to224D: Equivalent to22A8: True225C: Delta equal to226C: BetweenEF83: Reversed integral22C6: Star operator226E: Not less-thanEA1D: Not less-than or equal to226F: Not greater-thanEA1E: Not greater-than or equal toEA11: Small not tilde operator D
 E 2244: Not asymptotically equal to2247: Neither approximately nor actually equal to2249: Not almost equal to2280: Does not precedeEA38: Not much less-than2281: Does not succeedEA39: Not much greater-than2284: Not a subset of2285: Not a superset of2288: Neither a subset of nor equal to2289: Neither a superset of nor equal toEA60: Not square subsetEA61: Not square superset22E2: Not square image of or equal to22E3: Not square original of or equal to2226: Not parallel to E
 F 2224: Does not divide226D: Not equivalent to2204: There does not exist2209: Not an element ofEA53: Not geometrically equivalent to2130: Script capital E2131: Script capital F2102: Blackboard-bold capital CF088: Blackboard-bold capital I2115: Blackboard-bold capital N211D: Blackboard-bold capital R225F: Questioned equal toE982: Right angle with corner220B: Contains as member22EF: Math-axis ellipsis2026: Horizontal ellipsis F
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Character list

  20   0020 0020: Space  Space 
  21   2212 2212: Minus sign  Minus sign 
  22   00B1 00B1: Plus-minus sign  Plus-minus sign 
  23   2264 2264: Less-than or equal to  Less-than or equal to 
  24   2265 2265: Greater-than or equal to  Greater-than or equal to 
  25   221D 221D: Proportional to  Proportional to 
  26   002F 002F: Forward slash (solidus)  Forward slash (solidus) 
  27   2215 2215: Division slash  Division slash 
  28   2216 2216: Set minus  Set minus 
  29   00F7 00F7: Division sign  Division sign 
  2A   2223 2223: Divides  Divides 
  2B   2329 2329: Left-pointing angle bracket  Left-pointing angle bracket 
  2C   232A 232A: Right-pointing angle bracket  Right-pointing angle bracket 
  2D   223C 223C: Tilde operator  Tilde operator 
  2E   2248 2248: Almost equal to  Almost equal to 
  2F   2261 2261: Identical to  Identical to 
  30   2208 2208: Element of  Element of 
  31   2229 2229: Intersection  Intersection 
  32   2225 2225: Parallel to  Parallel to 
  33   2211 2211: N-ary summation  N-ary summation 
  34   221E 221E: Infinity  Infinity 
  35   00AC 00AC: Not sign  Not sign 
  36   2192 2192: Rightwards arrow  Rightwards arrow 
  37   2190 2190: Leftwards arrow  Leftwards arrow 
  38   2191 2191: Upwards arrow  Upwards arrow 
  39   2193 2193: Downwards arrow  Downwards arrow 
  3A   2194 2194: Left right arrow  Left right arrow 
  3B   2195 2195: Up down arrow  Up down arrow 
  3C   25B6 25B6: Black right-pointing triangle  Black right-pointing triangle 
  3D   25C0 25C0: Black left-pointing triangle  Black left-pointing triangle 
  3E   25B2 25B2: Black up-pointing triangle  Black up-pointing triangle 
  3F   25BC 25BC: Black down-pointing triangle  Black down-pointing triangle 
  40   22C5 22C5: Dot operator  Dot operator 
  41   22C5 22C5: Dot operator  Dot operator 
  42   2218 2218: Composition  Composition 
  43   2219 2219: Bullet operator  Bullet operator 
  44   212B 212B: Angstrom sign  Angstrom sign 
  45   00B0 00B0: Degree sign  Degree sign 
  46   03BC 03BC: Greek small letter mu  Greek small letter mu 
  47   0305 0305: Overbar embellishment  Overbar embellishment 
  48   00D7 00D7: Multiplication sign  Multiplication sign 
  49   222B 222B: Integral  Integral 
  4A   220F 220F: N-ary product  N-ary product 
  4B   2213 2213: Minus-plus sign  Minus-plus sign 
  4C   2207 2207: Gradient (nabla)  Gradient (nabla) 
  4D   2202 2202: Partial differential  Partial differential 
  4E   2032 2032: Prime  Prime 
  4F   2033 2033: Double prime  Double prime 
  50   EB0B EB0B: Large rightwards arrow accent  Large rightwards arrow accent 
  51   212F 212F: Script small e  Script small e 
  52   2113 2113: Script small l  Script small l 
  53   210F 210F: Planck constant over two pi  Planck constant over two pi 
  54   2111 2111: Fraktur capital I  Fraktur capital I 
  55   211C 211C: Fraktur capital R  Fraktur capital R 
  56   2118 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol  Weierstrass elliptic symbol 
  57   21C4 21C4: Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow  Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow 
  58   21C6 21C6: Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow  Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow 
  59   21D2 21D2: Rightwards double arrow  Rightwards double arrow 
  5A   21D0 21D0: Leftwards double arrow  Leftwards double arrow 
  5B   21D1 21D1: Upwards double arrow  Upwards double arrow 
  5C   21D3 21D3: Downwards double arrow  Downwards double arrow 
  5D   21D4 21D4: Left right double arrow  Left right double arrow 
  5E   21D5 21D5: Up down double arrow  Up down double arrow 
  5F   2197 2197: North east arrow  North east arrow 
  60   2198 2198: South east arrow  South east arrow 
  61   2196 2196: North west arrow  North west arrow 
  62   2199 2199: South west arrow  South west arrow 
  63   222A 222A: Union  Union 
  64   2282 2282: Subset of  Subset of 
  65   2283 2283: Superset of  Superset of 
  66   2286 2286: Subset of or equal to  Subset of or equal to 
  67   2287 2287: Superset of or equal to  Superset of or equal to 
  68   220B 220B: Contains as member  Contains as member 
  69   2205 2205: Empty set  Empty set 
  6A   2308 2308: Left ceiling  Left ceiling 
  6B   2309 2309: Right ceiling  Right ceiling 
  6C   230A 230A: Left floor  Left floor 
  6D   230B 230B: Right floor  Right floor 
  6E   226A 226A: Much less-than  Much less-than 
  6F   226B 226B: Much greater-than  Much greater-than 
  70   2220 2220: Angle  Angle 
  71   2297 2297: Circled times  Circled times 
  72   2295 2295: Circled plus  Circled plus 
  73   2296 2296: Circled minus  Circled minus 
  74   E985 E985: Circled division sign  Circled division sign 
  75   2299 2299: Circled dot operator  Circled dot operator 
  76   22C0 22C0: N-ary logical and  N-ary logical and 
  77   22C1 22C1: N-ary logical or  N-ary logical or 
  78   22BB 22BB: Xor  Xor 
  79   22A4 22A4: Down tack  Down tack 
  7A   22A5 22A5: Perpendicular  Perpendicular 
  7B   2322 2322: Frown  Frown 
  7C   22A2 22A2: Right tack  Right tack 
  7D   22A3 22A3: Left tack  Left tack 
  7E   25A1 25A1: White square  White square 
  80   25A0 25A0: Black square  Black square 
  81   2662 2662: White diamond suit  White diamond suit 
  82   2666 2666: Black diamond suit  Black diamond suit 
  83   301A 301A: Left white square bracket  Left white square bracket 
  84   301B 301B: Right white square bracket  Right white square bracket 
  85   2260 2260: Not equal to  Not equal to 
  86   2262 2262: Not identical to  Not identical to 
  87   2235 2235: Because or since  Because or since 
  88   2234 2234: Therefore  Therefore 
  89   2237 2237: Proportion  Proportion 
  8A   222E 222E: Contour integral  Contour integral 
  8B   2112 2112: Script capital L  Script capital L 
  8C   212D 212D: Fraktur capital C  Fraktur capital C 
  8D   2128 2128: Fraktur capital Z  Fraktur capital Z 
  8E   2118 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol  Weierstrass elliptic symbol 
  8F   25CB 25CB: White circle  White circle 
  90   E990 E990: White up-pointing triangle above bar  White up-pointing triangle above bar 
  91   25C7 25C7: White diamond  White diamond 
  92   22C6 22C6: Star operator  Star operator 
  93   2034 2034: Triple prime  Triple prime 
  94   2210 2210: N-ary coproduct  N-ary coproduct 
  95   2243 2243: Asymptotically equal to  Asymptotically equal to 
  96   2245 2245: Approximately equal to  Approximately equal to 
  97   227A 227A: Precedes  Precedes 
  98   227C 227C: Precedes or equal to  Precedes or equal to 
  99   227B 227B: Succeeds  Succeeds 
  9A   227D 227D: Succeeds or equal to  Succeeds or equal to 
  9B   2203 2203: There exists  There exists 
  9C   2200 2200: For all  For all 
  9D   22D8 22D8: Very much less-than  Very much less-than 
  9E   22D9 22D9: Very much greater-than  Very much greater-than 
  9F   228E 228E: Multiset union  Multiset union 
  A0   228A 228A: Subset of with not equal to  Subset of with not equal to 
  A1   228B 228B: Superset of with not equal to  Superset of with not equal to 
  A2   2293 2293: Square cap  Square cap 
  A3   2294 2294: Square cup  Square cup 
  A4   228F 228F: Square image of  Square image of 
  A5   2291 2291: Square image of or equal to  Square image of or equal to 
  A6   22E4 22E4: Square image of or not equal to  Square image of or not equal to 
  A7   2290 2290: Square original of  Square original of 
  A8   2292 2292: Square original of or equal to  Square original of or equal to 
  A9   22E5 22E5: Square original of or not equal to  Square original of or not equal to 
  AA   25B3 25B3: White up-pointing triangle  White up-pointing triangle 
  AB   25BD 25BD: White down-pointing triangle  White down-pointing triangle 
  AC   22B2 22B2: Normal subgroup of  Normal subgroup of 
  AD   22B3 22B3: Contains as normal subgroup  Contains as normal subgroup 
  AE   22C8 22C8: Bowtie  Bowtie 
  AF   2323 2323: Smile  Smile 
  B0   2322 2322: Frown  Frown 
  B1   25EF 25EF: Large circle  Large circle 
  B2   219D 219D: Rightwards wave arrow  Rightwards wave arrow 
  B3   21A9 21A9: Leftwards arrow with hook  Leftwards arrow with hook 
  B4   21AA 21AA: Rightwards arrow with hook  Rightwards arrow with hook 
  B5   21A3 21A3: Rightwards arrow with tail  Rightwards arrow with tail 
  B6   21B6 21B6: Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow  Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow 
  B7   21BD 21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)  Left harpoon (barb down) 
  B8   21C0 21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)  Right harpoon (barb up) 
  B9   21C1 21C1: Right harpoon (barb down)  Right harpoon (barb down) 
  BA   21CC 21CC: Right harpoon over left harpoon  Right harpoon over left harpoon 
  BB   21CB 21CB: Left harpoon over right harpoon  Left harpoon over right harpoon 
  BC   21B3 21B3: Downwards arrow with tip rightwards  Downwards arrow with tip rightwards 
  BD   21BE 21BE: Up harpoon (barb right)  Up harpoon (barb right) 
  BE   21C3 21C3: Down harpoon (barb left)  Down harpoon (barb left) 
  BF   21C2 21C2: Down harpoon (barb right)  Down harpoon (barb right) 
  C0   21C9 21C9: Rightwards paired arrows  Rightwards paired arrows 
  C1   21C7 21C7: Leftwards paired arrows  Leftwards paired arrows 
  C2   E9A3 E9A3: White smile  White smile 
  C3   E9A4 E9A4: White frown  White frown 
  C4   263E 263E: Last quarter moon  Last quarter moon 
  C5   263D 263D: First quarter moon  First quarter moon 
  C6   229A 229A: Circled ring operator  Circled ring operator 
  C7   229B 229B: Circled asterisk operator  Circled asterisk operator 
  C8   229D 229D: Circled dash  Circled dash 
  C9   2127 2127: Inverted ohm sign  Inverted ohm sign 
  CA   2221 2221: Measured angle  Measured angle 
  CB   2222 2222: Spherical angle  Spherical angle 
  CC   22B2 22B2: Normal subgroup of  Normal subgroup of 
  CD   22B3 22B3: Contains as normal subgroup  Contains as normal subgroup 
  CE   25B3 25B3: White up-pointing triangle  White up-pointing triangle 
  CF   25BD 25BD: White down-pointing triangle  White down-pointing triangle 
  D0   2214 2214: Dot plus  Dot plus 
  D1   2250 2250: Approaches the limit  Approaches the limit 
  D2   2252 2252: Approximately equal to or the image of  Approximately equal to or the image of 
  D3   2253 2253: Image of or approximately equal to  Image of or approximately equal to 
  D4   224E 224E: Geometrically equivalent to  Geometrically equivalent to 
  D5   224D 224D: Equivalent to  Equivalent to 
  D6   22A8 22A8: True  True 
  D7   225C 225C: Delta equal to  Delta equal to 
  D8   226C 226C: Between  Between 
  D9   EF83 EF83: Reversed integral  Reversed integral 
  DA   22C6 22C6: Star operator  Star operator 
  DB   226E 226E: Not less-than  Not less-than 
  DC   EA1D EA1D: Not less-than or equal to  Not less-than or equal to 
  DD   226F 226F: Not greater-than  Not greater-than 
  DE   EA1E EA1E: Not greater-than or equal to  Not greater-than or equal to 
  DF   EA11 EA11: Small not tilde operator  Small not tilde operator 
  E0   2244 2244: Not asymptotically equal to  Not asymptotically equal to 
  E1   2247 2247: Neither approximately nor actually equal to  Neither approximately nor actually equal to 
  E2   2249 2249: Not almost equal to  Not almost equal to 
  E3   2280 2280: Does not precede  Does not precede 
  E4   EA38 EA38: Not much less-than  Not much less-than 
  E5   2281 2281: Does not succeed  Does not succeed 
  E6   EA39 EA39: Not much greater-than  Not much greater-than 
  E7   2284 2284: Not a subset of  Not a subset of 
  E8   2285 2285: Not a superset of  Not a superset of 
  E9   2288 2288: Neither a subset of nor equal to  Neither a subset of nor equal to 
  EA   2289 2289: Neither a superset of nor equal to  Neither a superset of nor equal to 
  EB   EA60 EA60: Not square subset  Not square subset 
  EC   EA61 EA61: Not square superset  Not square superset 
  ED   22E2 22E2: Not square image of or equal to  Not square image of or equal to 
  EE   22E3 22E3: Not square original of or equal to  Not square original of or equal to 
  EF   2226 2226: Not parallel to  Not parallel to 
  F0   2224 2224: Does not divide  Does not divide 
  F1   226D 226D: Not equivalent to  Not equivalent to 
  F2   2204 2204: There does not exist  There does not exist 
  F3   2209 2209: Not an element of  Not an element of 
  F4   EA53 EA53: Not geometrically equivalent to  Not geometrically equivalent to 
  F5   2130 2130: Script capital E  Script capital E 
  F6   2131 2131: Script capital F  Script capital F 
  F7   2102 2102: Blackboard-bold capital C  Blackboard-bold capital C 
  F8   F088 F088: Blackboard-bold capital I  Blackboard-bold capital I 
  F9   2115 2115: Blackboard-bold capital N  Blackboard-bold capital N 
  FA   211D 211D: Blackboard-bold capital R  Blackboard-bold capital R 
  FB   225F 225F: Questioned equal to  Questioned equal to 
  FC   E982 E982: Right angle with corner  Right angle with corner 
  FD   220B 220B: Contains as member  Contains as member 
  FE   22EF 22EF: Math-axis ellipsis  Math-axis ellipsis 
  FF   2026 2026: Horizontal ellipsis  Horizontal ellipsis