MTExtra encoding

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

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 0                  0
 1                  1
 2 0020: Space  0300: Grave embellishment0302: Hat embellishment0303: Tilde embellishment0307: Dot above embellishment 2323: Smile2322: Frown       2
 3  EC00: Down-pointing curly bracket leftEC01: Down-pointing curly bracket midEC02: Down-pointing curly bracket rightEC03: Horizontal curly bracket extenderEC0B: Horizontal square bracket extenderEC04: Up-pointing curly bracket leftEC05: Up-pointing curly bracket midEC06: Up-pointing curly bracket right 223C: Tilde operator2243: Asymptotically equal to22B2: Normal subgroup of226A: Much less-than22B3: Contains as normal subgroup226B: Much greater-than 3
 4 225C: Delta equal to2259: Estimates2250: Approaches the limit2210: N-ary coproduct019B: Latin small letter lambda with strokeEC0E: Under square bracket leftEC0F: Under square bracket rightEC10: Over square bracket leftEC11: Over square bracket right2229: Intersection2127: Inverted ohm sign2026: Horizontal ellipsis22EF: Math-axis ellipsis22EE: Vertical ellipsis22F0: Up right diagonal ellipsis22F1: Down right diagonal ellipsis 4
 5 2225: Parallel to2235: Because or since2221: Measured angle2222: Spherical angle 222A: Union25B3: White up-pointing triangle25A1: White square25AD: White rectangle25B1: White parallelogram2197: North east arrow2199: South west arrowEB05: Double arrow northeast southwest2198: South east arrow2196: North west arrowEB06: Double arrow northwest southeast 5
 6 2035: Reversed prime21A6: Rightwards arrow from bar2195: Up down arrow21D5: Up down double arrow25CB: White circle2299: Circled dot operator227B: SucceedsE98F: Medium dot operator (free radical)210F: Planck constant over two piEE00: Anticlockwise contour integral loopEE01: Clockwise contour integral loop 2113: Script small l2213: Minus-plus signFFFD: Unknown or missing character2218: Composition 6
 7 227A: PrecedesEB1A: Left harpoon (barb down)20D7: Right arrow embellishment20D6: Left arrow embellishment20E1: Left right arrow embellishmentEB00: Arrow embellishment extender20D1: Right harpoon embellishment (barb up)20D0: Left harpoon embellishment (barb up)EB19: Right harpoon (barb down)  FE38: Under curly bracketEC0C: Under square bracketFE37: Over curly bracketEC0D: Over square bracket  7
 8 21C4: Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrowEB01: Arrow rightwards over small arrow leftwardsEB02: Small arrow rightwards over arrow leftwards21CC: Right harpoon over left harpoonEB03: Harpoon right over small harpoon leftEB04: Small harpoon right over harpoon left21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)F8E7: Horizontal arrow extender        8
 9                  9
 A  211D: Blackboard-bold capital R2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z2102: Blackboard-bold capital C211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q2115: Blackboard-bold capital N 301A: Left white square bracket301B: Right white square bracketEC22: Left white square bracket topEC23: Left white square bracket extenderEC24: Left white square bracket bottomEC25: Right white square bracket topEC26: Right white square bracket extenderEC27: Right white square bracket bottom  A
 B EE04: Tilde embellishment (two space)EE05: Tilde embellishment (three space)EE06: Tilde embellishment (four space)  EE07: Hat embellishment (two space)EE08: Hat embellishment (three space)EE09: Hat embellishment (four space)  EE0A: Arc embellishment (two space)EE0B: Arc embellishment (three space)EE0C: Arc embellishment (four space)    B
 C EE0D: Joint status embellishmentEE0E: Joint status embellishment (left)EE0F: Joint status embellishment (right)EE10: Joint status embellishment (extender)             C
 D  EE11: Integral loopEE12: Integral loop (double)EE13: Integral loop (triple) EE15: Expanding integral loop (double)EE16: Expanding integral loop (triple)          D
 E        F8FF: Apple logo0160: Latin capital letter S with caron00DD: Latin capital letter Y with acute00DE: Latin capital letter Thorn00D0: Latin capital letter Eth0161: Latin small letter s with caron00FD: Latin small letter y with acute00FE: Latin small letter thorn00F0: Latin small letter eth E
 F FB01: Latin small ligature fiFB02: Latin small ligature fl0131: Latin small letter dotless i00B9: Superscript one00B2: Superscript two00B3: Superscript three00BD: Vulgar fraction one half00BC: Vulgar fraction one quarter00BE: Vulgar fraction three quarters2044: Fraction slash00A6: Broken bar02DD: Double acute accent02D8: Breve02C7: Caron02DA: Ring above02DB: Ogonek F
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character lst

  20   0020 0020: Space  Space 
  23   0300 0300: Grave embellishment  Grave embellishment 
  24   0302 0302: Hat embellishment  Hat embellishment 
  25   0303 0303: Tilde embellishment  Tilde embellishment 
  26   0307 0307: Dot above embellishment  Dot above embellishment 
  28   2323 2323: Smile  Smile 
  29   2322 2322: Frown  Frown 
  31   EC00 EC00: Down-pointing curly bracket left  Down-pointing curly bracket left 
  32   EC01 EC01: Down-pointing curly bracket mid  Down-pointing curly bracket mid 
  33   EC02 EC02: Down-pointing curly bracket right  Down-pointing curly bracket right 
  34   EC03 EC03: Horizontal curly bracket extender  Horizontal curly bracket extender 
  35   EC0B EC0B: Horizontal square bracket extender  Horizontal square bracket extender 
  36   EC04 EC04: Up-pointing curly bracket left  Up-pointing curly bracket left 
  37   EC05 EC05: Up-pointing curly bracket mid  Up-pointing curly bracket mid 
  38   EC06 EC06: Up-pointing curly bracket right  Up-pointing curly bracket right 
  3A   223C 223C: Tilde operator  Tilde operator 
  3B   2243 2243: Asymptotically equal to  Asymptotically equal to 
  3C   22B2 22B2: Normal subgroup of  Normal subgroup of 
  3D   226A 226A: Much less-than  Much less-than 
  3E   22B3 22B3: Contains as normal subgroup  Contains as normal subgroup 
  3F   226B 226B: Much greater-than  Much greater-than 
  40   225C 225C: Delta equal to  Delta equal to 
  41   2259 2259: Estimates  Estimates 
  42   2250 2250: Approaches the limit  Approaches the limit 
  43   2210 2210: N-ary coproduct  N-ary coproduct 
  44   019B 019B: Latin small letter lambda with stroke  Latin small letter lambda with stroke 
  45   EC0E EC0E: Under square bracket left  Under square bracket left 
  46   EC0F EC0F: Under square bracket right  Under square bracket right 
  47   EC10 EC10: Over square bracket left  Over square bracket left 
  48   EC11 EC11: Over square bracket right  Over square bracket right 
  49   2229 2229: Intersection  Intersection 
  4A   2127 2127: Inverted ohm sign  Inverted ohm sign 
  4B   2026 2026: Horizontal ellipsis  Horizontal ellipsis 
  4C   22EF 22EF: Math-axis ellipsis  Math-axis ellipsis 
  4D   22EE 22EE: Vertical ellipsis  Vertical ellipsis 
  4E   22F0 22F0: Up right diagonal ellipsis  Up right diagonal ellipsis 
  4F   22F1 22F1: Down right diagonal ellipsis  Down right diagonal ellipsis 
  50   2225 2225: Parallel to  Parallel to 
  51   2235 2235: Because or since  Because or since 
  52   2221 2221: Measured angle  Measured angle 
  53   2222 2222: Spherical angle  Spherical angle 
  55   222A 222A: Union  Union 
  56   25B3 25B3: White up-pointing triangle  White up-pointing triangle 
  57   25A1 25A1: White square  White square 
  58   25AD 25AD: White rectangle  White rectangle 
  59   25B1 25B1: White parallelogram  White parallelogram 
  5A   2197 2197: North east arrow  North east arrow 
  5B   2199 2199: South west arrow  South west arrow 
  5C   EB05 EB05: Double arrow northeast southwest  Double arrow northeast southwest 
  5D   2198 2198: South east arrow  South east arrow 
  5E   2196 2196: North west arrow  North west arrow 
  5F   EB06 EB06: Double arrow northwest southeast  Double arrow northwest southeast 
  60   2035 2035: Reversed prime  Reversed prime 
  61   21A6 21A6: Rightwards arrow from bar  Rightwards arrow from bar 
  62   2195 2195: Up down arrow  Up down arrow 
  63   21D5 21D5: Up down double arrow  Up down double arrow 
  64   25CB 25CB: White circle  White circle 
  65   2299 2299: Circled dot operator  Circled dot operator 
  66   227B 227B: Succeeds  Succeeds 
  67   E98F E98F: Medium dot operator (free radical)  Medium dot operator (free radical) 
  68   210F 210F: Planck constant over two pi  Planck constant over two pi 
  69   EE00 EE00: Anticlockwise contour integral loop  Anticlockwise contour integral loop 
  6A   EE01 EE01: Clockwise contour integral loop  Clockwise contour integral loop 
  6C   2113 2113: Script small l  Script small l 
  6D   2213 2213: Minus-plus sign  Minus-plus sign 
  6E   FFFD FFFD: Unknown or missing character  Unknown or missing character 
  6F   2218 2218: Composition  Composition 
  70   227A 227A: Precedes  Precedes 
  71   EB1A EB1A: Left harpoon (barb down)  Left harpoon (barb down) 
  72   20D7 20D7: Right arrow embellishment  Right arrow embellishment 
  73   20D6 20D6: Left arrow embellishment  Left arrow embellishment 
  74   20E1 20E1: Left right arrow embellishment  Left right arrow embellishment 
  75   EB00 EB00: Arrow embellishment extender  Arrow embellishment extender 
  76   20D1 20D1: Right harpoon embellishment (barb up)  Right harpoon embellishment (barb up) 
  77   20D0 20D0: Left harpoon embellishment (barb up)  Left harpoon embellishment (barb up) 
  78   EB19 EB19: Right harpoon (barb down)  Right harpoon (barb down) 
  7B   FE38 FE38: Under curly bracket  Under curly bracket 
  7C   EC0C EC0C: Under square bracket  Under square bracket 
  7D   FE37 FE37: Over curly bracket  Over curly bracket 
  7E   EC0D EC0D: Over square bracket  Over square bracket 
  80   21C4 21C4: Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow  Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow 
  81   EB01 EB01: Arrow rightwards over small arrow leftwards  Arrow rightwards over small arrow leftwards 
  82   EB02 EB02: Small arrow rightwards over arrow leftwards  Small arrow rightwards over arrow leftwards 
  83   21CC 21CC: Right harpoon over left harpoon  Right harpoon over left harpoon 
  84   EB03 EB03: Harpoon right over small harpoon left  Harpoon right over small harpoon left 
  85   EB04 EB04: Small harpoon right over harpoon left  Small harpoon right over harpoon left 
  86   21C0 21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)  Right harpoon (barb up) 
  87   21BD 21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)  Left harpoon (barb down) 
  88   F8E7 F8E7: Horizontal arrow extender  Horizontal arrow extender 
  A1   211D 211D: Blackboard-bold capital R  Blackboard-bold capital R 
  A2   2124 2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z  Blackboard-bold capital Z 
  A3   2102 2102: Blackboard-bold capital C  Blackboard-bold capital C 
  A4   211A 211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q  Blackboard-bold capital Q 
  A5   2115 2115: Blackboard-bold capital N  Blackboard-bold capital N 
  A7   301A 301A: Left white square bracket  Left white square bracket 
  A8   301B 301B: Right white square bracket  Right white square bracket 
  A9   EC22 EC22: Left white square bracket top  Left white square bracket top 
  AA   EC23 EC23: Left white square bracket extender  Left white square bracket extender 
  AB   EC24 EC24: Left white square bracket bottom  Left white square bracket bottom 
  AC   EC25 EC25: Right white square bracket top  Right white square bracket top 
  AD   EC26 EC26: Right white square bracket extender  Right white square bracket extender 
  AE   EC27 EC27: Right white square bracket bottom  Right white square bracket bottom 
  B0   EE04 EE04: Tilde embellishment (two space)  Tilde embellishment (two space) 
  B1   EE05 EE05: Tilde embellishment (three space)  Tilde embellishment (three space) 
  B2   EE06 EE06: Tilde embellishment (four space)  Tilde embellishment (four space) 
  B5   EE07 EE07: Hat embellishment (two space)  Hat embellishment (two space) 
  B6   EE08 EE08: Hat embellishment (three space)  Hat embellishment (three space) 
  B7   EE09 EE09: Hat embellishment (four space)  Hat embellishment (four space) 
  BA   EE0A EE0A: Arc embellishment (two space)  Arc embellishment (two space) 
  BB   EE0B EE0B: Arc embellishment (three space)  Arc embellishment (three space) 
  BC   EE0C EE0C: Arc embellishment (four space)  Arc embellishment (four space) 
  C0   EE0D EE0D: Joint status embellishment  Joint status embellishment 
  C1   EE0E EE0E: Joint status embellishment (left)  Joint status embellishment (left) 
  C2   EE0F EE0F: Joint status embellishment (right)  Joint status embellishment (right) 
  C3   EE10 EE10: Joint status embellishment (extender)  Joint status embellishment (extender) 
  D1   EE11 EE11: Integral loop  Integral loop 
  D2   EE12 EE12: Integral loop (double)  Integral loop (double) 
  D3   EE13 EE13: Integral loop (triple)  Integral loop (triple) 
  D5   EE15 EE15: Expanding integral loop (double)  Expanding integral loop (double) 
  D6   EE16 EE16: Expanding integral loop (triple)  Expanding integral loop (triple) 
  E7   F8FF F8FF: Apple logo  Apple logo 
  E8   0160 0160: Latin capital letter S with caron  Latin capital letter S with caron 
  E9   00DD 00DD: Latin capital letter Y with acute  Latin capital letter Y with acute 
  EA   00DE 00DE: Latin capital letter Thorn  Latin capital letter Thorn 
  EB   00D0 00D0: Latin capital letter Eth  Latin capital letter Eth 
  EC   0161 0161: Latin small letter s with caron  Latin small letter s with caron 
  ED   00FD 00FD: Latin small letter y with acute  Latin small letter y with acute 
  EE   00FE 00FE: Latin small letter thorn  Latin small letter thorn 
  EF   00F0 00F0: Latin small letter eth  Latin small letter eth 
  F0   FB01 FB01: Latin small ligature fi  Latin small ligature fi 
  F1   FB02 FB02: Latin small ligature fl  Latin small ligature fl 
  F2   0131 0131: Latin small letter dotless i  Latin small letter dotless i 
  F3   00B9 00B9: Superscript one  Superscript one 
  F4   00B2 00B2: Superscript two  Superscript two 
  F5   00B3 00B3: Superscript three  Superscript three 
  F6   00BD 00BD: Vulgar fraction one half  Vulgar fraction one half 
  F7   00BC 00BC: Vulgar fraction one quarter  Vulgar fraction one quarter 
  F8   00BE 00BE: Vulgar fraction three quarters  Vulgar fraction three quarters 
  F9   2044 2044: Fraction slash  Fraction slash 
  FA   00A6 00A6: Broken bar  Broken bar 
  FB   02DD 02DD: Double acute accent  Double acute accent 
  FC   02D8 02D8: Breve  Breve 
  FD   02C7 02C7: Caron  Caron 
  FE   02DA 02DA: Ring above  Ring above 
  FF   02DB 02DB: Ogonek  Ogonek