MTCode encoding E900-E9FF: Operators

Character grid

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 E90 E900: Equals with hat belowE901: Equals with plus aboveE902: Equals with plus belowE903: Tilde with plus aboveE904: Tilde with plus below   E908: Equal (double) over greater-thanE909: Equal (double) over less-thanE90A: Contains or equal toE90B: Superset of or equal toE90C: Subset of or equal toE90D: Equal over less-than   E90 
 E91   E912: Element of or equal toE913: Equal to or greater-thanE914: Approximate superset ofE915: Approximate subset ofE916: Superset of with dot; includes as sub-relationE917: Subset of with dot; is included in as sub-relationE918: Equal with dot belowE919: Left dot over minus over right dotE91A: Right dot over minus over left dot    E91F: Almost equal to minus E91 
 E92 E920: Double square cupE921: Double square capE922: Less-than equal to or greater-than E924: Tilde with dotE925: Tilde with two dotsE926: Less-than greater-than or equal toE927: Greater-than less-than or equal toE928: Equivalent to or less-thanE929: Equivalent to or greater-thanE92A: Left open box operatorE92B: Right open box operatorE92C: Identical to with dotE92D: Greater-than equal to or less-thanE92E: Bar operatorE92F: Double bar operator E92 
 E93 E930: Triple bar operator E932: Less-than or approximately equal toE933: Greater-than or approximately equal to  E936: Nested less-thanE937: Nested greater-than  E93A: Precedes or equivalent toE93B: Succeeds or equivalent to     E93 
 E94 E940: Precedes over equalE941: Succeeds over equal      E948: Satisfied byE949: Lazy sE94A: Not assertionE94B: Double equalE94C: Triple equalE94D: Rule delayedE94E: Alias delimiter  E94 
 E95 E950: Normal subgroup of with barE951: Contains as normal subgroup with bar  E954: Round impliesE955: Smile under barE956: Frown over barE957: Superset of or almost equal toE958: Subset of or almost equal toE959: Greater-than almost equal to or less-thanE95A: Less-than almost equal or greater-than E95C: Double logical orE95D: Double logical andE95E: Logical or with double bar belowE95F: Logical or with bar below E95 
 E96   E962: Almost equal over equal E964: Left-pointing triangle with bisecting barE965: Right-pointing triangle with bisecting barE966: Equals with dotted top lineE967: Precedes with colonE968: Succeeds with colon  E96B: Nested very much less-thanE96C: Nested very much greater-thanE96D: Difference between (variant)E96E: Less than greater-than overlayE96F: Logical or logical and overlay E96 
 E97 E970: Superset over supersetE971: Subset over subsetE972: Superset over subsetE973: Subset over superset     E979: Triple vertical barE97A: Paired quadruple vertical dotsE97B: Perpendicular over barE97C: Left turnstile double vertical barE97D: Double left turnstile double vertical barE97E: Perpendicular over inverted perpendicularE97F: Double left turnstile vertical bar E97 
 E98 E980: Spherical angle opening upE981: Double slashE982: Right angle with corner E984: Circled vertical barE985: Circled division signE986: Dashed solidusE987: Dashed backslashE988: Dashed mid-lineE989: Dashed vertical barE98A: Perpendicular with sE98B: Angle with sE98C: Spherical angle opening leftE98D: Angle opening leftE98E: Vertical bar with double hookE98F: Medium dot operator (free radical) E98 
 E99 E990: White up-pointing triangle above barE991: Identical and parallel toE992: Smash productE993: Triple bar operator with horizontal barE994: Identical to with double slashE995: Triple crossed barsE996: Vertical bar over circleE997: Vertical proportional toE998: Black last quarter moonE999: Black first quarter moon       E99 
 E9A E9A0: Negative sine waveE9A1: Parenthesized dotE9A2: ParenthesesE9A3: White smileE9A4: White frownE9A5: HexagonE9A6: Equivalent to over plusE9A7: Plus over equivalent to         E9A 
 E9B                  E9B 
 E9C                  E9C 
 E9D                  E9D 
 E9E E9E0: Precedes equivalent to or succeedsE9E1: Succeeds equivalent to or precedesE9E2: Precedes almost equal to or succeedsE9E3: Succeeds almost equal to or precedes             E9E 
 E9F E9F0: Less-than equivalent to or greater-thanE9F1: Greater-than equivalent to or less-than               E9F 
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Character list

  E900 E900: Equals with hat below  Equals with hat below 
  E901 E901: Equals with plus above  Equals with plus above 
  E902 E902: Equals with plus below  Equals with plus below 
  E903 E903: Tilde with plus above  Tilde with plus above 
  E904 E904: Tilde with plus below  Tilde with plus below 
  E908 E908: Equal (double) over greater-than  Equal (double) over greater-than 
  E909 E909: Equal (double) over less-than  Equal (double) over less-than 
  E90A E90A: Contains or equal to  Contains or equal to 
  E90B E90B: Superset of or equal to  Superset of or equal to 
  E90C E90C: Subset of or equal to  Subset of or equal to 
  E90D E90D: Equal over less-than  Equal over less-than 
  E912 E912: Element of or equal to  Element of or equal to 
  E913 E913: Equal to or greater-than  Equal to or greater-than 
  E914 E914: Approximate superset of  Approximate superset of 
  E915 E915: Approximate subset of  Approximate subset of 
  E916 E916: Superset of with dot; includes as sub-relation  Superset of with dot; includes as sub-relation 
  E917 E917: Subset of with dot; is included in as sub-relation  Subset of with dot; is included in as sub-relation 
  E918 E918: Equal with dot below  Equal with dot below 
  E919 E919: Left dot over minus over right dot  Left dot over minus over right dot 
  E91A E91A: Right dot over minus over left dot  Right dot over minus over left dot 
  E91F E91F: Almost equal to minus  Almost equal to minus 
  E920 E920: Double square cup  Double square cup 
  E921 E921: Double square cap  Double square cap 
  E922 E922: Less-than equal to or greater-than  Less-than equal to or greater-than 
  E924 E924: Tilde with dot  Tilde with dot 
  E925 E925: Tilde with two dots  Tilde with two dots 
  E926 E926: Less-than greater-than or equal to  Less-than greater-than or equal to 
  E927 E927: Greater-than less-than or equal to  Greater-than less-than or equal to 
  E928 E928: Equivalent to or less-than  Equivalent to or less-than 
  E929 E929: Equivalent to or greater-than  Equivalent to or greater-than 
  E92A E92A: Left open box operator  Left open box operator 
  E92B E92B: Right open box operator  Right open box operator 
  E92C E92C: Identical to with dot  Identical to with dot 
  E92D E92D: Greater-than equal to or less-than  Greater-than equal to or less-than 
  E92E E92E: Bar operator  Bar operator 
  E92F E92F: Double bar operator  Double bar operator 
  E930 E930: Triple bar operator  Triple bar operator 
  E932 E932: Less-than or approximately equal to  Less-than or approximately equal to 
  E933 E933: Greater-than or approximately equal to  Greater-than or approximately equal to 
  E936 E936: Nested less-than  Nested less-than 
  E937 E937: Nested greater-than  Nested greater-than 
  E93A E93A: Precedes or equivalent to  Precedes or equivalent to 
  E93B E93B: Succeeds or equivalent to  Succeeds or equivalent to 
  E940 E940: Precedes over equal  Precedes over equal 
  E941 E941: Succeeds over equal  Succeeds over equal 
  E948 E948: Satisfied by  Satisfied by 
  E949 E949: Lazy s  Lazy s 
  E94A E94A: Not assertion  Not assertion 
  E94B E94B: Double equal  Double equal 
  E94C E94C: Triple equal  Triple equal 
  E94D E94D: Rule delayed  Rule delayed 
  E94E E94E: Alias delimiter  Alias delimiter 
  E950 E950: Normal subgroup of with bar  Normal subgroup of with bar 
  E951 E951: Contains as normal subgroup with bar  Contains as normal subgroup with bar 
  E954 E954: Round implies  Round implies 
  E955 E955: Smile under bar  Smile under bar 
  E956 E956: Frown over bar  Frown over bar 
  E957 E957: Superset of or almost equal to  Superset of or almost equal to 
  E958 E958: Subset of or almost equal to  Subset of or almost equal to 
  E959 E959: Greater-than almost equal to or less-than  Greater-than almost equal to or less-than 
  E95A E95A: Less-than almost equal or greater-than  Less-than almost equal or greater-than 
  E95C E95C: Double logical or  Double logical or 
  E95D E95D: Double logical and  Double logical and 
  E95E E95E: Logical or with double bar below  Logical or with double bar below 
  E95F E95F: Logical or with bar below  Logical or with bar below 
  E962 E962: Almost equal over equal  Almost equal over equal 
  E964 E964: Left-pointing triangle with bisecting bar  Left-pointing triangle with bisecting bar 
  E965 E965: Right-pointing triangle with bisecting bar  Right-pointing triangle with bisecting bar 
  E966 E966: Equals with dotted top line  Equals with dotted top line 
  E967 E967: Precedes with colon  Precedes with colon 
  E968 E968: Succeeds with colon  Succeeds with colon 
  E96B E96B: Nested very much less-than  Nested very much less-than 
  E96C E96C: Nested very much greater-than  Nested very much greater-than 
  E96D E96D: Difference between (variant)  Difference between (variant) 
  E96E E96E: Less than greater-than overlay  Less than greater-than overlay 
  E96F E96F: Logical or logical and overlay  Logical or logical and overlay 
  E970 E970: Superset over superset  Superset over superset 
  E971 E971: Subset over subset  Subset over subset 
  E972 E972: Superset over subset  Superset over subset 
  E973 E973: Subset over superset  Subset over superset 
  E979 E979: Triple vertical bar  Triple vertical bar 
  E97A E97A: Paired quadruple vertical dots  Paired quadruple vertical dots 
  E97B E97B: Perpendicular over bar  Perpendicular over bar 
  E97C E97C: Left turnstile double vertical bar  Left turnstile double vertical bar 
  E97D E97D: Double left turnstile double vertical bar  Double left turnstile double vertical bar 
  E97E E97E: Perpendicular over inverted perpendicular  Perpendicular over inverted perpendicular 
  E97F E97F: Double left turnstile vertical bar  Double left turnstile vertical bar 
  E980 E980: Spherical angle opening up  Spherical angle opening up 
  E981 E981: Double slash  Double slash 
  E982 E982: Right angle with corner  Right angle with corner 
  E984 E984: Circled vertical bar  Circled vertical bar 
  E985 E985: Circled division sign  Circled division sign 
  E986 E986: Dashed solidus  Dashed solidus 
  E987 E987: Dashed backslash  Dashed backslash 
  E988 E988: Dashed mid-line  Dashed mid-line 
  E989 E989: Dashed vertical bar  Dashed vertical bar 
  E98A E98A: Perpendicular with s  Perpendicular with s 
  E98B E98B: Angle with s  Angle with s 
  E98C E98C: Spherical angle opening left  Spherical angle opening left 
  E98D E98D: Angle opening left  Angle opening left 
  E98E E98E: Vertical bar with double hook  Vertical bar with double hook 
  E98F E98F: Medium dot operator (free radical)  Medium dot operator (free radical) 
  E990 E990: White up-pointing triangle above bar  White up-pointing triangle above bar 
  E991 E991: Identical and parallel to  Identical and parallel to 
  E992 E992: Smash product  Smash product 
  E993 E993: Triple bar operator with horizontal bar  Triple bar operator with horizontal bar 
  E994 E994: Identical to with double slash  Identical to with double slash 
  E995 E995: Triple crossed bars  Triple crossed bars 
  E996 E996: Vertical bar over circle  Vertical bar over circle 
  E997 E997: Vertical proportional to  Vertical proportional to 
  E998 E998: Black last quarter moon  Black last quarter moon 
  E999 E999: Black first quarter moon  Black first quarter moon 
  E9A0 E9A0: Negative sine wave  Negative sine wave 
  E9A1 E9A1: Parenthesized dot  Parenthesized dot 
  E9A2 E9A2: Parentheses  Parentheses 
  E9A3 E9A3: White smile  White smile 
  E9A4 E9A4: White frown  White frown 
  E9A5 E9A5: Hexagon  Hexagon 
  E9A6 E9A6: Equivalent to over plus  Equivalent to over plus 
  E9A7 E9A7: Plus over equivalent to  Plus over equivalent to 
  E9E0 E9E0: Precedes equivalent to or succeeds  Precedes equivalent to or succeeds 
  E9E1 E9E1: Succeeds equivalent to or precedes  Succeeds equivalent to or precedes 
  E9E2 E9E2: Precedes almost equal to or succeeds  Precedes almost equal to or succeeds 
  E9E3 E9E3: Succeeds almost equal to or precedes  Succeeds almost equal to or precedes 
  E9F0 E9F0: Less-than equivalent to or greater-than  Less-than equivalent to or greater-than 
  E9F1 E9F1: Greater-than equivalent to or less-than  Greater-than equivalent to or less-than