MTCode encoding EC00-ECFF: Fences and fence pieces

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 
 EC0 EC00: Down-pointing curly bracket leftEC01: Down-pointing curly bracket midEC02: Down-pointing curly bracket rightEC03: Horizontal curly bracket extenderEC04: Up-pointing curly bracket leftEC05: Up-pointing curly bracket midEC06: Up-pointing curly bracket rightEC07: Left vertical barEC08: Right vertical barEC09: Left double vertical barEC0A: Right double vertical barEC0B: Horizontal square bracket extenderEC0C: Under square bracketEC0D: Over square bracketEC0E: Under square bracket leftEC0F: Under square bracket right EC0 
 EC1 EC10: Over square bracket leftEC11: Over square bracket rightEC12: Left parentheses 1EC13: Left parentheses 2EC14: Left parentheses 3EC15: Left parentheses 4EC16: Right parentheses 1EC17: Right parentheses 2EC18: Right parentheses 3EC19: Right parentheses 4EC1A: Radical 1EC1B: Radical 2EC1C: Radical 3EC1D: Radical 4EC1E: Radical 5EC1F: Radical bottom EC1 
 EC2 EC20: Radical vertical extenderEC21: Radical topEC22: Left white square bracket topEC23: Left white square bracket extenderEC24: Left white square bracket bottomEC25: Right white square bracket topEC26: Right white square bracket extenderEC27: Right white square bracket bottom         EC2 
 EC3 EC30: Left white curly bracketEC31: Right white curly bracketEC32: Long division signEC33: Long division sign extenderEC34: Short division            EC3 
 EC4 EC40: Double southwest to northeast em bondEC41: Double northwest to southeast em bondEC42: Single horizontal em bondEC43: Double horizontal em bondEC44: Triple horizontal em bondEC45: Single vertical em bondEC46: Double vertical em bondEC47: Triple vertical em bondEC48: Less-than em bondEC49: Greater-than em bondEC4A: Single horizontal en bondEC4B: Double horizontal en bondEC4C: Triple horizontal en bond    EC4 
 EC5                  EC5 
 EC6                  EC6 
 EC7                  EC7 
 EC8 EC80: Top left rectangleEC81: Bottom left rectangle               EC80 
 EC9 EC90: Top right rectangleEC91: Bottom right rectangle               EC90 
 ECA                  ECA 
 ECB                  ECB 
 ECC                  ECC 
 ECD                  ECD 
 ECE                  ECE 
 ECF                  ECF 
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character list

  EC00 EC00: Down-pointing curly bracket left  Down-pointing curly bracket left 
  EC01 EC01: Down-pointing curly bracket mid  Down-pointing curly bracket mid 
  EC02 EC02: Down-pointing curly bracket right  Down-pointing curly bracket right 
  EC03 EC03: Horizontal curly bracket extender  Horizontal curly bracket extender 
  EC04 EC04: Up-pointing curly bracket left  Up-pointing curly bracket left 
  EC05 EC05: Up-pointing curly bracket mid  Up-pointing curly bracket mid 
  EC06 EC06: Up-pointing curly bracket right  Up-pointing curly bracket right 
  EC07 EC07: Left vertical bar  Left vertical bar 
  EC08 EC08: Right vertical bar  Right vertical bar 
  EC09 EC09: Left double vertical bar  Left double vertical bar 
  EC0A EC0A: Right double vertical bar  Right double vertical bar 
  EC0B EC0B: Horizontal square bracket extender  Horizontal square bracket extender 
  EC0C EC0C: Under square bracket  Under square bracket 
  EC0D EC0D: Over square bracket  Over square bracket 
  EC0E EC0E: Under square bracket left  Under square bracket left 
  EC0F EC0F: Under square bracket right  Under square bracket right 
  EC10 EC10: Over square bracket left  Over square bracket left 
  EC11 EC11: Over square bracket right  Over square bracket right 
  EC12 EC12: Left parentheses 1  Left parentheses 1 
  EC13 EC13: Left parentheses 2  Left parentheses 2 
  EC14 EC14: Left parentheses 3  Left parentheses 3 
  EC15 EC15: Left parentheses 4  Left parentheses 4 
  EC16 EC16: Right parentheses 1  Right parentheses 1 
  EC17 EC17: Right parentheses 2  Right parentheses 2 
  EC18 EC18: Right parentheses 3  Right parentheses 3 
  EC19 EC19: Right parentheses 4  Right parentheses 4 
  EC1A EC1A: Radical 1  Radical 1 
  EC1B EC1B: Radical 2  Radical 2 
  EC1C EC1C: Radical 3  Radical 3 
  EC1D EC1D: Radical 4  Radical 4 
  EC1E EC1E: Radical 5  Radical 5 
  EC1F EC1F: Radical bottom  Radical bottom 
  EC20 EC20: Radical vertical extender  Radical vertical extender 
  EC21 EC21: Radical top  Radical top 
  EC22 EC22: Left white square bracket top  Left white square bracket top 
  EC23 EC23: Left white square bracket extender  Left white square bracket extender 
  EC24 EC24: Left white square bracket bottom  Left white square bracket bottom 
  EC25 EC25: Right white square bracket top  Right white square bracket top 
  EC26 EC26: Right white square bracket extender  Right white square bracket extender 
  EC27 EC27: Right white square bracket bottom  Right white square bracket bottom 
  EC30 EC30: Left white curly bracket  Left white curly bracket 
  EC31 EC31: Right white curly bracket  Right white curly bracket 
  EC32 EC32: Long division sign  Long division sign 
  EC33 EC33: Long division sign extender  Long division sign extender 
  EC34 EC34: Short division  Short division 
  EC40 EC40: Double southwest to northeast em bond  Double southwest to northeast em bond 
  EC41 EC41: Double northwest to southeast em bond  Double northwest to southeast em bond 
  EC42 EC42: Single horizontal em bond  Single horizontal em bond 
  EC43 EC43: Double horizontal em bond  Double horizontal em bond 
  EC44 EC44: Triple horizontal em bond  Triple horizontal em bond 
  EC45 EC45: Single vertical em bond  Single vertical em bond 
  EC46 EC46: Double vertical em bond  Double vertical em bond 
  EC47 EC47: Triple vertical em bond  Triple vertical em bond 
  EC48 EC48: Less-than em bond  Less-than em bond 
  EC49 EC49: Greater-than em bond  Greater-than em bond 
  EC4A EC4A: Single horizontal en bond  Single horizontal en bond 
  EC4B EC4B: Double horizontal en bond  Double horizontal en bond 
  EC4C EC4C: Triple horizontal en bond  Triple horizontal en bond 
  EC80 EC80: Top left rectangle  Top left rectangle 
  EC81 EC81: Bottom left rectangle  Bottom left rectangle 
  EC90 EC90: Top right rectangle  Top right rectangle 
  EC91 EC91: Bottom right rectangle  Bottom right rectangle