MathPi6 encoding

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

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 0                  0
 1                  1
 2 0020: Space2295: Circled plusE98A: Perpendicular with s2297: Circled times229C: Circled equals2295: Circled plusE984: Circled vertical bar22A5: Perpendicular2299: Circled dot operator22A1: Squared dot operator2296: Circled minus25E6: Composition25BD: White down-pointing triangle225B: Star equals25BC: Black down-pointing triangle2220: Angle 2
 3 225F: Questioned equal to2238: Dot minusE91A: Right dot over minus over left dotE919: Left dot over minus over right dot223A: Geometric proportion2253: Image of or approximately equal to2252: Approximately equal to or the image of2251: Geometrically equal to2250: Approaches the limitE918: Equal with dot below22EE: Vertical ellipsis2236: Ratio2237: Proportion2259: Estimates22A5: PerpendicularE98B: Angle with s 3
 4 2296: Circled minusF080: Blackboard-bold capital AF081: Blackboard-bold capital B2102: Blackboard-bold capital CF083: Blackboard-bold capital DF084: Blackboard-bold capital EF085: Blackboard-bold capital FF086: Blackboard-bold capital G210D: Blackboard-bold capital HF088: Blackboard-bold capital IF089: Blackboard-bold capital JF08A: Blackboard-bold capital KF08B: Blackboard-bold capital LF08C: Blackboard-bold capital M2115: Blackboard-bold capital NF08E: Blackboard-bold capital O 4
 5 2119: Blackboard-bold capital P211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q211D: Blackboard-bold capital RF092: Blackboard-bold capital SF093: Blackboard-bold capital TF094: Blackboard-bold capital UF095: Blackboard-bold capital VF096: Blackboard-bold capital WF097: Blackboard-bold capital XF098: Blackboard-bold capital Y2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z2234: Therefore2222: Spherical angle2221: Measured angle2297: Circled times25EC: White up-pointing triangle with dot 5
 6 25AD: White rectangle25EB: White square with bisecting line25C0: Black left-pointing triangle25B6: Black right-pointing triangle25CF: Black circle25C7: White diamond25D0: Circle with left half black25D1: Circle with right half black25A1: White square25E9: Square with upper left half black25A0: Black square25E7: Square with left half black25E8: Square with right half black25B2: Black up-pointing triangle25B3: White up-pointing triangle25EA: Square with lower right half black 6
 7 273D: Heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk2606: White star25C6: Black diamond25CB: White circle25ED: Up-pointing triangle with left half black25A1: White square25C1: White left-pointing triangle22C6: Star operator25B7: White right-pointing triangle25EE: Up-pointing triangle with right half black221F: Right angle2235: Because or sinceE98C: Spherical angle opening leftE98D: Angle opening left25B1: White parallelogram  7
 8                  8
 9                  9
 A   22A3: Left tack22A2: Right tack224E: Geometrically equivalent to     22A4: Down tack      A
 B 224F: Difference between                B
 C  22A4: Down tack               C
 D                  D
 E                  E
 F         2237: Proportion22A5: Perpendicular       F
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character list

  20   0020 0020: Space  Space 
  21   2295 2295: Circled plus  Circled plus 
  22   E98A E98A: Perpendicular with s  Perpendicular with s 
  23   2297 2297: Circled times  Circled times 
  24   229C 229C: Circled equals  Circled equals 
  25   2295 2295: Circled plus  Circled plus 
  26   E984 E984: Circled vertical bar  Circled vertical bar 
  27   22A5 22A5: Perpendicular  Perpendicular 
  28   2299 2299: Circled dot operator  Circled dot operator 
  29   22A1 22A1: Squared dot operator  Squared dot operator 
  2A   2296 2296: Circled minus  Circled minus 
  2B   25E6 25E6: Composition  Composition 
  2C   25BD 25BD: White down-pointing triangle  White down-pointing triangle 
  2D   225B 225B: Star equals  Star equals 
  2E   25BC 25BC: Black down-pointing triangle  Black down-pointing triangle 
  2F   2220 2220: Angle  Angle 
  30   225F 225F: Questioned equal to  Questioned equal to 
  31   2238 2238: Dot minus  Dot minus 
  32   E91A E91A: Right dot over minus over left dot  Right dot over minus over left dot 
  33   E919 E919: Left dot over minus over right dot  Left dot over minus over right dot 
  34   223A 223A: Geometric proportion  Geometric proportion 
  35   2253 2253: Image of or approximately equal to  Image of or approximately equal to 
  36   2252 2252: Approximately equal to or the image of  Approximately equal to or the image of 
  37   2251 2251: Geometrically equal to  Geometrically equal to 
  38   2250 2250: Approaches the limit  Approaches the limit 
  39   E918 E918: Equal with dot below  Equal with dot below 
  3A   22EE 22EE: Vertical ellipsis  Vertical ellipsis 
  3B   2236 2236: Ratio  Ratio 
  3C   2237 2237: Proportion  Proportion 
  3D   2259 2259: Estimates  Estimates 
  3E   22A5 22A5: Perpendicular  Perpendicular 
  3F   E98B E98B: Angle with s  Angle with s 
  40   2296 2296: Circled minus  Circled minus 
  41   F080 F080: Blackboard-bold capital A  Blackboard-bold capital A 
  42   F081 F081: Blackboard-bold capital B  Blackboard-bold capital B 
  43   2102 2102: Blackboard-bold capital C  Blackboard-bold capital C 
  44   F083 F083: Blackboard-bold capital D  Blackboard-bold capital D 
  45   F084 F084: Blackboard-bold capital E  Blackboard-bold capital E 
  46   F085 F085: Blackboard-bold capital F  Blackboard-bold capital F 
  47   F086 F086: Blackboard-bold capital G  Blackboard-bold capital G 
  48   210D 210D: Blackboard-bold capital H  Blackboard-bold capital H 
  49   F088 F088: Blackboard-bold capital I  Blackboard-bold capital I 
  4A   F089 F089: Blackboard-bold capital J  Blackboard-bold capital J 
  4B   F08A F08A: Blackboard-bold capital K  Blackboard-bold capital K 
  4C   F08B F08B: Blackboard-bold capital L  Blackboard-bold capital L 
  4D   F08C F08C: Blackboard-bold capital M  Blackboard-bold capital M 
  4E   2115 2115: Blackboard-bold capital N  Blackboard-bold capital N 
  4F   F08E F08E: Blackboard-bold capital O  Blackboard-bold capital O 
  50   2119 2119: Blackboard-bold capital P  Blackboard-bold capital P 
  51   211A 211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q  Blackboard-bold capital Q 
  52   211D 211D: Blackboard-bold capital R  Blackboard-bold capital R 
  53   F092 F092: Blackboard-bold capital S  Blackboard-bold capital S 
  54   F093 F093: Blackboard-bold capital T  Blackboard-bold capital T 
  55   F094 F094: Blackboard-bold capital U  Blackboard-bold capital U 
  56   F095 F095: Blackboard-bold capital V  Blackboard-bold capital V 
  57   F096 F096: Blackboard-bold capital W  Blackboard-bold capital W 
  58   F097 F097: Blackboard-bold capital X  Blackboard-bold capital X 
  59   F098 F098: Blackboard-bold capital Y  Blackboard-bold capital Y 
  5A   2124 2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z  Blackboard-bold capital Z 
  5B   2234 2234: Therefore  Therefore 
  5C   2222 2222: Spherical angle  Spherical angle 
  5D   2221 2221: Measured angle  Measured angle 
  5E   2297 2297: Circled times  Circled times 
  5F   25EC 25EC: White up-pointing triangle with dot  White up-pointing triangle with dot 
  60   25AD 25AD: White rectangle  White rectangle 
  61   25EB 25EB: White square with bisecting line  White square with bisecting line 
  62   25C0 25C0: Black left-pointing triangle  Black left-pointing triangle 
  63   25B6 25B6: Black right-pointing triangle  Black right-pointing triangle 
  64   25CF 25CF: Black circle  Black circle 
  65   25C7 25C7: White diamond  White diamond 
  66   25D0 25D0: Circle with left half black  Circle with left half black 
  67   25D1 25D1: Circle with right half black  Circle with right half black 
  68   25A1 25A1: White square  White square 
  69   25E9 25E9: Square with upper left half black  Square with upper left half black 
  6A   25A0 25A0: Black square  Black square 
  6B   25E7 25E7: Square with left half black  Square with left half black 
  6C   25E8 25E8: Square with right half black  Square with right half black 
  6D   25B2 25B2: Black up-pointing triangle  Black up-pointing triangle 
  6E   25B3 25B3: White up-pointing triangle  White up-pointing triangle 
  6F   25EA 25EA: Square with lower right half black  Square with lower right half black 
  70   273D 273D: Heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk  Heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk 
  71   2606 2606: White star  White star 
  72   25C6 25C6: Black diamond  Black diamond 
  73   25CB 25CB: White circle  White circle 
  74   25ED 25ED: Up-pointing triangle with left half black  Up-pointing triangle with left half black 
  75   25A1 25A1: White square  White square 
  76   25C1 25C1: White left-pointing triangle  White left-pointing triangle 
  77   22C6 22C6: Star operator  Star operator 
  78   25B7 25B7: White right-pointing triangle  White right-pointing triangle 
  79   25EE 25EE: Up-pointing triangle with right half black  Up-pointing triangle with right half black 
  7A   221F 221F: Right angle  Right angle 
  7B   2235 2235: Because or since  Because or since 
  7C   E98C E98C: Spherical angle opening left  Spherical angle opening left 
  7D   E98D E98D: Angle opening left  Angle opening left 
  7E   25B1 25B1: White parallelogram  White parallelogram 
  A2   22A3 22A3: Left tack  Left tack 
  A3   22A2 22A2: Right tack  Right tack 
  A4   224E 224E: Geometrically equivalent to  Geometrically equivalent to 
  AA   22A4 22A4: Down tack  Down tack 
  B0   224F 224F: Difference between  Difference between 
  C1   22A4 22A4: Down tack  Down tack 
  F8   2237 2237: Proportion  Proportion 
  F9   22A5 22A5: Perpendicular  Perpendicular