Mathematica1 encoding

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

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 0                  0
 1                  1
 2 0020: Space0021: Exclamation mark2200: For all0023: Number sign2203: There exists0025: Percent sign0026: Ampersand220D: Small contains as member0028: Left parenthesis0029: Right parenthesis002A: Asterisk002B: Plus sign002C: Comma002D: Hyphen-minus002E: Full stop002F: Forward slash (solidus) 2
 3 0030: Digit zero0031: Digit one0032: Digit two0033: Digit three0034: Digit four0035: Digit five0036: Digit six0037: Digit seven0038: Digit eight0039: Digit nine003A: Colon003B: Semicolon003C: Less-than sign003D: Equals sign003E: Greater-than sign003F: Question mark 3
 4 2245: Approximately equal to0391: Greek capital letter Alpha0392: Greek capital letter Beta03A7: Greek capital letter Chi0394: Greek capital letter Delta0395: Greek capital letter Epsilon03A6: Greek capital letter Phi0393: Greek capital letter Gamma0397: Greek capital letter Eta0399: Greek capital letter Iota03D1: Greek theta symbol039A: Greek capital letter Kappa039B: Greek capital letter Lamda039C: Greek capital letter Mu039D: Greek capital letter Nu039F: Greek capital letter Omicron 4
 5 03A0: Greek capital letter Pi0398: Greek capital letter Theta03A1: Greek capital letter Rho03A3: Greek capital letter Sigma03A4: Greek capital letter Tau03A5: Greek capital letter Upsilon03C2: Greek small letter final sigma03A9: Greek capital letter Omega039E: Greek capital letter Xi03A8: Greek capital letter Psi0396: Greek capital letter Zeta005B: Left square bracket2234: Therefore005D: Right square bracket22A5: Perpendicular005F: Low line 5
 6 005E: Circumflex accent03B1: Greek small letter alpha03B2: Greek small letter beta03C7: Greek small letter chi03B4: Greek small letter delta03B5: Greek small letter epsilon03C6: Greek small letter phi03B3: Greek small letter gamma03B7: Greek small letter eta03B9: Greek small letter iota03D5: Greek phi symbol03BA: Greek small letter kappa03BB: Greek small letter lamda03BC: Greek small letter mu03BD: Greek small letter nu03BF: Greek small letter omicron 6
 7 03C0: Greek small letter pi03B8: Greek small letter theta03C1: Greek small letter rho03C3: Greek small letter sigma03C4: Greek small letter tau03C5: Greek small letter upsilon03D6: Greek pi symbol03C9: Greek small letter omega03BE: Greek small letter xi03C8: Greek small letter psi03B6: Greek small letter zeta   007E: Tilde  7
 8 2010: HyphenE94E: Alias delimiter25A0: Black square25A1: White square22F1: Down right diagonal ellipsis2043: Hyphen bullet226A: Much less-than226B: Much greater-than2423: Space indicator00D7: Multiplication signE94B: Double equal0060: Grave accent0027: Apostrophe0022: Quotation mark0303: Tilde embellishment0331: Macron below embellishment 8
 9 21D5: Up down double arrow             0040: Commercial at25AA: Black small square 9
 A 002E: Full stop03D2: Greek upsilon with hook symbol2032: Prime2264: Less-than or equal to 221E: InfinityE94D: Rule delayed2663: Black club suit2662: White diamond suit2661: White heart suit2660: Black spade suit2194: Left right arrow2190: Leftwards arrow2191: Upwards arrow2192: Rightwards arrow2193: Downwards arrow A
 B 00B0: Degree sign00B1: Plus-minus sign2033: Double prime2265: Greater-than or equal to00D7: Multiplication sign221D: Proportional to2202: Partial differential2022: Bullet00F7: Division sign2260: Not equal to2261: Identical to2248: Almost equal to2026: Horizontal ellipsis  21B5: Downwards arrow with corner leftwards B
 C 2135: Alef symbol2111: Fraktur capital I211C: Fraktur capital R2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol2297: Circled times2295: Circled plus2205: Empty set22C3: N-ary union22C2: N-ary intersection2283: Superset of2287: Superset of or equal to2284: Not a subset of2282: Subset of2286: Subset of or equal to2208: Element of2209: Not an element of C
 D 2220: Angle2207: Gradient (nabla)00AE: Registered sign00A9: Copyright sign2122: Trade mark sign220F: N-ary product 00B7: Middle dot00AC: Not sign2227: Logical and2228: Logical or      D
 E   ED10: Small differential dED11: Exponential eED12: Imaginary i2211: N-ary summation           E
 F 0023: Number sign 222B: Integral            F700: Unknown character F
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character list

  20   0020 0020: Space  Space 
  21   0021 0021: Exclamation mark  Exclamation mark 
  22   2200 2200: For all  For all 
  23   0023 0023: Number sign  Number sign 
  24   2203 2203: There exists  There exists 
  25   0025 0025: Percent sign  Percent sign 
  26   0026 0026: Ampersand  Ampersand 
  27   220D 220D: Small contains as member  Small contains as member 
  28   0028 0028: Left parenthesis  Left parenthesis 
  29   0029 0029: Right parenthesis  Right parenthesis 
  2A   002A 002A: Asterisk  Asterisk 
  2B   002B 002B: Plus sign  Plus sign 
  2C   002C 002C: Comma  Comma 
  2D   002D 002D: Hyphen-minus  Hyphen-minus 
  2E   002E 002E: Full stop  Full stop 
  2F   002F 002F: Forward slash (solidus)  Forward slash (solidus) 
  30   0030 0030: Digit zero  Digit zero 
  31   0031 0031: Digit one  Digit one 
  32   0032 0032: Digit two  Digit two 
  33   0033 0033: Digit three  Digit three 
  34   0034 0034: Digit four  Digit four 
  35   0035 0035: Digit five  Digit five 
  36   0036 0036: Digit six  Digit six 
  37   0037 0037: Digit seven  Digit seven 
  38   0038 0038: Digit eight  Digit eight 
  39   0039 0039: Digit nine  Digit nine 
  3A   003A 003A: Colon  Colon 
  3B   003B 003B: Semicolon  Semicolon 
  3C   003C 003C: Less-than sign  Less-than sign 
  3D   003D 003D: Equals sign  Equals sign 
  3E   003E 003E: Greater-than sign  Greater-than sign 
  3F   003F 003F: Question mark  Question mark 
  40   2245 2245: Approximately equal to  Approximately equal to 
  41   0391 0391: Greek capital letter Alpha  Greek capital letter Alpha 
  42   0392 0392: Greek capital letter Beta  Greek capital letter Beta 
  43   03A7 03A7: Greek capital letter Chi  Greek capital letter Chi 
  44   0394 0394: Greek capital letter Delta  Greek capital letter Delta 
  45   0395 0395: Greek capital letter Epsilon  Greek capital letter Epsilon 
  46   03A6 03A6: Greek capital letter Phi  Greek capital letter Phi 
  47   0393 0393: Greek capital letter Gamma  Greek capital letter Gamma 
  48   0397 0397: Greek capital letter Eta  Greek capital letter Eta 
  49   0399 0399: Greek capital letter Iota  Greek capital letter Iota 
  4A   03D1 03D1: Greek theta symbol  Greek theta symbol 
  4B   039A 039A: Greek capital letter Kappa  Greek capital letter Kappa 
  4C   039B 039B: Greek capital letter Lamda  Greek capital letter Lamda 
  4D   039C 039C: Greek capital letter Mu  Greek capital letter Mu 
  4E   039D 039D: Greek capital letter Nu  Greek capital letter Nu 
  4F   039F 039F: Greek capital letter Omicron  Greek capital letter Omicron 
  50   03A0 03A0: Greek capital letter Pi  Greek capital letter Pi 
  51   0398 0398: Greek capital letter Theta  Greek capital letter Theta 
  52   03A1 03A1: Greek capital letter Rho  Greek capital letter Rho 
  53   03A3 03A3: Greek capital letter Sigma  Greek capital letter Sigma 
  54   03A4 03A4: Greek capital letter Tau  Greek capital letter Tau 
  55   03A5 03A5: Greek capital letter Upsilon  Greek capital letter Upsilon 
  56   03C2 03C2: Greek small letter final sigma  Greek small letter final sigma 
  57   03A9 03A9: Greek capital letter Omega  Greek capital letter Omega 
  58   039E 039E: Greek capital letter Xi  Greek capital letter Xi 
  59   03A8 03A8: Greek capital letter Psi  Greek capital letter Psi 
  5A   0396 0396: Greek capital letter Zeta  Greek capital letter Zeta 
  5B   005B 005B: Left square bracket  Left square bracket 
  5C   2234 2234: Therefore  Therefore 
  5D   005D 005D: Right square bracket  Right square bracket 
  5E   22A5 22A5: Perpendicular  Perpendicular 
  5F   005F 005F: Low line  Low line 
  60   005E 005E: Circumflex accent  Circumflex accent 
  61   03B1 03B1: Greek small letter alpha  Greek small letter alpha 
  62   03B2 03B2: Greek small letter beta  Greek small letter beta 
  63   03C7 03C7: Greek small letter chi  Greek small letter chi 
  64   03B4 03B4: Greek small letter delta  Greek small letter delta 
  65   03B5 03B5: Greek small letter epsilon  Greek small letter epsilon 
  66   03C6 03C6: Greek small letter phi  Greek small letter phi 
  67   03B3 03B3: Greek small letter gamma  Greek small letter gamma 
  68   03B7 03B7: Greek small letter eta  Greek small letter eta 
  69   03B9 03B9: Greek small letter iota  Greek small letter iota 
  6A   03D5 03D5: Greek phi symbol  Greek phi symbol 
  6B   03BA 03BA: Greek small letter kappa  Greek small letter kappa 
  6C   03BB 03BB: Greek small letter lamda  Greek small letter lamda 
  6D   03BC 03BC: Greek small letter mu  Greek small letter mu 
  6E   03BD 03BD: Greek small letter nu  Greek small letter nu 
  6F   03BF 03BF: Greek small letter omicron  Greek small letter omicron 
  70   03C0 03C0: Greek small letter pi  Greek small letter pi 
  71   03B8 03B8: Greek small letter theta  Greek small letter theta 
  72   03C1 03C1: Greek small letter rho  Greek small letter rho 
  73   03C3 03C3: Greek small letter sigma  Greek small letter sigma 
  74   03C4 03C4: Greek small letter tau  Greek small letter tau 
  75   03C5 03C5: Greek small letter upsilon  Greek small letter upsilon 
  76   03D6 03D6: Greek pi symbol  Greek pi symbol 
  77   03C9 03C9: Greek small letter omega  Greek small letter omega 
  78   03BE 03BE: Greek small letter xi  Greek small letter xi 
  79   03C8 03C8: Greek small letter psi  Greek small letter psi 
  7A   03B6 03B6: Greek small letter zeta  Greek small letter zeta 
  7E   007E 007E: Tilde  Tilde 
  80   2010 2010: Hyphen  Hyphen 
  81   E94E E94E: Alias delimiter  Alias delimiter 
  82   25A0 25A0: Black square  Black square 
  83   25A1 25A1: White square  White square 
  84   22F1 22F1: Down right diagonal ellipsis  Down right diagonal ellipsis 
  85   2043 2043: Hyphen bullet  Hyphen bullet 
  86   226A 226A: Much less-than  Much less-than 
  87   226B 226B: Much greater-than  Much greater-than 
  88   2423 2423: Space indicator  Space indicator 
  89   00D7 00D7: Multiplication sign  Multiplication sign 
  8A   E94B E94B: Double equal  Double equal 
  8B   0060 0060: Grave accent  Grave accent 
  8C   0027 0027: Apostrophe  Apostrophe 
  8D   0022 0022: Quotation mark  Quotation mark 
  8E   0303 0303: Tilde embellishment  Tilde embellishment 
  8F   0331 0331: Macron below embellishment  Macron below embellishment 
  90   21D5 21D5: Up down double arrow  Up down double arrow 
  9E   0040 0040: Commercial at  Commercial at 
  9F   25AA 25AA: Black small square  Black small square 
  A0   002E 002E: Full stop  Full stop 
  A1   03D2 03D2: Greek upsilon with hook symbol  Greek upsilon with hook symbol 
  A2   2032 2032: Prime  Prime 
  A3   2264 2264: Less-than or equal to  Less-than or equal to 
  A5   221E 221E: Infinity  Infinity 
  A6   E94D E94D: Rule delayed  Rule delayed 
  A7   2663 2663: Black club suit  Black club suit 
  A8   2662 2662: White diamond suit  White diamond suit 
  A9   2661 2661: White heart suit  White heart suit 
  AA   2660 2660: Black spade suit  Black spade suit 
  AB   2194 2194: Left right arrow  Left right arrow 
  AC   2190 2190: Leftwards arrow  Leftwards arrow 
  AD   2191 2191: Upwards arrow  Upwards arrow 
  AE   2192 2192: Rightwards arrow  Rightwards arrow 
  AF   2193 2193: Downwards arrow  Downwards arrow 
  B0   00B0 00B0: Degree sign  Degree sign 
  B1   00B1 00B1: Plus-minus sign  Plus-minus sign 
  B2   2033 2033: Double prime  Double prime 
  B3   2265 2265: Greater-than or equal to  Greater-than or equal to 
  B4   00D7 00D7: Multiplication sign  Multiplication sign 
  B5   221D 221D: Proportional to  Proportional to 
  B6   2202 2202: Partial differential  Partial differential 
  B7   2022 2022: Bullet  Bullet 
  B8   00F7 00F7: Division sign  Division sign 
  B9   2260 2260: Not equal to  Not equal to 
  BA   2261 2261: Identical to  Identical to 
  BB   2248 2248: Almost equal to  Almost equal to 
  BC   2026 2026: Horizontal ellipsis  Horizontal ellipsis 
  BF   21B5 21B5: Downwards arrow with corner leftwards  Downwards arrow with corner leftwards 
  C0   2135 2135: Alef symbol  Alef symbol 
  C1   2111 2111: Fraktur capital I  Fraktur capital I 
  C2   211C 211C: Fraktur capital R  Fraktur capital R 
  C3   2118 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol  Weierstrass elliptic symbol 
  C4   2297 2297: Circled times  Circled times 
  C5   2295 2295: Circled plus  Circled plus 
  C6   2205 2205: Empty set  Empty set 
  C7   22C3 22C3: N-ary union  N-ary union 
  C8   22C2 22C2: N-ary intersection  N-ary intersection 
  C9   2283 2283: Superset of  Superset of 
  CA   2287 2287: Superset of or equal to  Superset of or equal to 
  CB   2284 2284: Not a subset of  Not a subset of 
  CC   2282 2282: Subset of  Subset of 
  CD   2286 2286: Subset of or equal to  Subset of or equal to 
  CE   2208 2208: Element of  Element of 
  CF   2209 2209: Not an element of  Not an element of 
  D0   2220 2220: Angle  Angle 
  D1   2207 2207: Gradient (nabla)  Gradient (nabla) 
  D2   00AE 00AE: Registered sign  Registered sign 
  D3   00A9 00A9: Copyright sign  Copyright sign 
  D4   2122 2122: Trade mark sign  Trade mark sign 
  D5   220F 220F: N-ary product  N-ary product 
  D7   00B7 00B7: Middle dot  Middle dot 
  D8   00AC 00AC: Not sign  Not sign 
  D9   2227 2227: Logical and  Logical and 
  DA   2228 2228: Logical or  Logical or 
  E2   ED10 ED10: Small differential d  Small differential d 
  E3   ED11 ED11: Exponential e  Exponential e 
  E4   ED12 ED12: Imaginary i  Imaginary i 
  E5   2211 2211: N-ary summation  N-ary summation 
  F0   0023 0023: Number sign  Number sign 
  F2   222B 222B: Integral  Integral 
  FF   F700 F700: Unknown character  Unknown character