LucidaMathItalic encoding

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

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 0                  0
 1                  1
 2 0020: Space0393: Greek capital letter Gamma0394: Greek capital letter Delta0398: Greek capital letter Theta039B: Greek capital letter Lamda039E: Greek capital letter Xi03A0: Greek capital letter Pi03A3: Greek capital letter Sigma03A5: Greek capital letter Upsilon03A6: Greek capital letter Phi03A8: Greek capital letter Psi03A9: Greek capital letter Omega03B1: Greek small letter alpha03B2: Greek small letter beta03B3: Greek small letter gamma03B4: Greek small letter delta 2
 3 03B5: Greek small letter epsilon03B6: Greek small letter zeta03B7: Greek small letter eta03B8: Greek small letter theta03B9: Greek small letter iota03BA: Greek small letter kappa03BB: Greek small letter lamda03BC: Greek small letter mu03BD: Greek small letter nu03BE: Greek small letter xi03C0: Greek small letter pi03C1: Greek small letter rho03C3: Greek small letter sigma 03C4: Greek small letter tau03C5: Greek small letter upsilon 3
 4 03C6: Greek small letter phi03C7: Greek small letter chi03C8: Greek small letter psi03C9: Greek small letter omega03B5: Greek small letter epsilon03D1: Greek theta symbol03D6: Greek pi symbol03F1: Greek rho symbol03C2: Greek small letter final sigma03D5: Greek phi symbol21BC: Left harpoon (barb up)21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)21C1: Right harpoon (barb down)02BF: Modifier letter left half ring02BE: Modifier letter right half ring 4
 5 22B3: Contains as normal subgroup22B2: Normal subgroup of0030: Digit zero0031: Digit one0032: Digit two0033: Digit three0034: Digit four0035: Digit five0036: Digit six0037: Digit seven0038: Digit eight0039: Digit nine002E: Full stop002C: Comma003C: Less-than sign002F: Forward slash (solidus) 5
 6 003E: Greater-than sign22C6: Star operator2202: Partial differential0041: Latin capital letter A0042: Latin capital letter B0043: Latin capital letter C0044: Latin capital letter D0045: Latin capital letter E0046: Latin capital letter F0047: Latin capital letter G0048: Latin capital letter H0049: Latin capital letter I004A: Latin capital letter J004B: Latin capital letter K004C: Latin capital letter L004D: Latin capital letter M 6
 7 004E: Latin capital letter N004F: Latin capital letter O0050: Latin capital letter P0051: Latin capital letter Q0052: Latin capital letter R0053: Latin capital letter S0054: Latin capital letter T0055: Latin capital letter U0056: Latin capital letter V0057: Latin capital letter W0058: Latin capital letter X0059: Latin capital letter Y005A: Latin capital letter Z266D: Music flat sign266E: Music natural sign  7
 8 266F: Music sharp sign2323: Smile2322: Frown2113: Script small l0061: Latin small letter a0062: Latin small letter b0063: Latin small letter c0064: Latin small letter d0065: Latin small letter e0066: Latin small letter f0067: Latin small letter g0068: Latin small letter h0069: Latin small letter i006A: Latin small letter j006B: Latin small letter k006C: Latin small letter l 8
 9 006D: Latin small letter m006E: Latin small letter n006F: Latin small letter o0070: Latin small letter p0071: Latin small letter q0072: Latin small letter r0073: Latin small letter s0074: Latin small letter t0075: Latin small letter u0076: Latin small letter v0077: Latin small letter w0078: Latin small letter x0079: Latin small letter y007A: Latin small letter z0131: Latin small letter dotless iED02: Latin small letter dotless j 9
 A 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol20D6: Left arrow embellishment2040: Character tie0028: Left parenthesis0029: Right parenthesis005B: Left square bracket005D: Right square bracket2132: Turned capital FED01: Mirror g2107: Euler constant2127: Inverted ohm sign210A: Script small g210E: Planck constant2125: Ounce sign210F: Planck constant over two pi019B: Latin small letter lambda with stroke A
 B 019A: Latin small letter l with bar2136: Bet symbol2137: Gimel symbol2138: Dalet symbolF080: Blackboard-bold capital AF081: Blackboard-bold capital B2102: Blackboard-bold capital CF083: Blackboard-bold capital DF084: Blackboard-bold capital EF085: Blackboard-bold capital FF086: Blackboard-bold capital G210D: Blackboard-bold capital HF088: Blackboard-bold capital IF089: Blackboard-bold capital JF08A: Blackboard-bold capital KF08B: Blackboard-bold capital L B
 C F08C: Blackboard-bold capital M2115: Blackboard-bold capital NF08E: Blackboard-bold capital O2119: Blackboard-bold capital P211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q211D: Blackboard-bold capital RF092: Blackboard-bold capital SF093: Blackboard-bold capital TF094: Blackboard-bold capital UF095: Blackboard-bold capital VF096: Blackboard-bold capital WF097: Blackboard-bold capital XF098: Blackboard-bold capital Y2124: Blackboard-bold capital ZE932: Less-than or approximately equal toE933: Greater-than or approximately equal to C
 D 22D6: Less-than with dot22D7: Greater-than with dot22D8: Very much less-than22D9: Very much greater-than2264: Less-than or equal to2265: Greater-than or equal to22DC: Equal to or less-than22DD: Equal to or greater-than227C: Precedes or equal to227D: Succeeds or equal to22DE: Equal to or precedes22DF: Equal to or succeeds22DA: Less-than equal to or greater-than22DB: Greater-than equal to or less-thanE922: Less-than equal to or greater-thanE92D: Greater-than equal to or less-than D
 E E93A: Precedes or equivalent toE93B: Succeeds or equivalent toE90C: Subset of or equal toE90B: Superset of or equal to25C0: Black left-pointing triangle25B6: Black right-pointing triangle226C: Between22D4: PitchforkE92E: Bar operatorE92F: Double bar operator22C8: Bowtie223D: Reversed tilde22CD: Reversed tilde equals222E: Contour integral222F: Surface integral2230: Volume integral E
 F 2231: Clockwise integral2233: Anticlockwise contour integral2232: Clockwise contour integral (arrow on right)22C9: Left normal factor semidirect product22CA: Right normal factor semidirect product22CB: Left semidirect product22CC: Right semidirect product22BB: Xor22C7: Division times22AA: Triple vertical bar right turnstile22A6: AssertionE94A: Not assertion22A7: ModelsE948: Satisfied by2216: Set minus22BA: Intercalate F
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character list

  20   0020 0020: Space  Space 
  21   0393 0393: Greek capital letter Gamma  Greek capital letter Gamma 
  22   0394 0394: Greek capital letter Delta  Greek capital letter Delta 
  23   0398 0398: Greek capital letter Theta  Greek capital letter Theta 
  24   039B 039B: Greek capital letter Lamda  Greek capital letter Lamda 
  25   039E 039E: Greek capital letter Xi  Greek capital letter Xi 
  26   03A0 03A0: Greek capital letter Pi  Greek capital letter Pi 
  27   03A3 03A3: Greek capital letter Sigma  Greek capital letter Sigma 
  28   03A5 03A5: Greek capital letter Upsilon  Greek capital letter Upsilon 
  29   03A6 03A6: Greek capital letter Phi  Greek capital letter Phi 
  2A   03A8 03A8: Greek capital letter Psi  Greek capital letter Psi 
  2B   03A9 03A9: Greek capital letter Omega  Greek capital letter Omega 
  2C   03B1 03B1: Greek small letter alpha  Greek small letter alpha 
  2D   03B2 03B2: Greek small letter beta  Greek small letter beta 
  2E   03B3 03B3: Greek small letter gamma  Greek small letter gamma 
  2F   03B4 03B4: Greek small letter delta  Greek small letter delta 
  30   03B5 03B5: Greek small letter epsilon  Greek small letter epsilon 
  31   03B6 03B6: Greek small letter zeta  Greek small letter zeta 
  32   03B7 03B7: Greek small letter eta  Greek small letter eta 
  33   03B8 03B8: Greek small letter theta  Greek small letter theta 
  34   03B9 03B9: Greek small letter iota  Greek small letter iota 
  35   03BA 03BA: Greek small letter kappa  Greek small letter kappa 
  36   03BB 03BB: Greek small letter lamda  Greek small letter lamda 
  37   03BC 03BC: Greek small letter mu  Greek small letter mu 
  38   03BD 03BD: Greek small letter nu  Greek small letter nu 
  39   03BE 03BE: Greek small letter xi  Greek small letter xi 
  3A   03C0 03C0: Greek small letter pi  Greek small letter pi 
  3B   03C1 03C1: Greek small letter rho  Greek small letter rho 
  3C   03C3 03C3: Greek small letter sigma  Greek small letter sigma 
  3E   03C4 03C4: Greek small letter tau  Greek small letter tau 
  3F   03C5 03C5: Greek small letter upsilon  Greek small letter upsilon 
  40   03C6 03C6: Greek small letter phi  Greek small letter phi 
  41   03C7 03C7: Greek small letter chi  Greek small letter chi 
  42   03C8 03C8: Greek small letter psi  Greek small letter psi 
  43   03C9 03C9: Greek small letter omega  Greek small letter omega 
  44   03B5 03B5: Greek small letter epsilon  Greek small letter epsilon 
  45   03D1 03D1: Greek theta symbol  Greek theta symbol 
  46   03D6 03D6: Greek pi symbol  Greek pi symbol 
  47   03F1 03F1: Greek rho symbol  Greek rho symbol 
  48   03C2 03C2: Greek small letter final sigma  Greek small letter final sigma 
  49   03D5 03D5: Greek phi symbol  Greek phi symbol 
  4A   21BC 21BC: Left harpoon (barb up)  Left harpoon (barb up) 
  4B   21BD 21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)  Left harpoon (barb down) 
  4C   21C0 21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)  Right harpoon (barb up) 
  4D   21C1 21C1: Right harpoon (barb down)  Right harpoon (barb down) 
  4E   02BF 02BF: Modifier letter left half ring  Modifier letter left half ring 
  4F   02BE 02BE: Modifier letter right half ring  Modifier letter right half ring 
  50   22B3 22B3: Contains as normal subgroup  Contains as normal subgroup 
  51   22B2 22B2: Normal subgroup of  Normal subgroup of 
  52   0030 0030: Digit zero  Digit zero 
  53   0031 0031: Digit one  Digit one 
  54   0032 0032: Digit two  Digit two 
  55   0033 0033: Digit three  Digit three 
  56   0034 0034: Digit four  Digit four 
  57   0035 0035: Digit five  Digit five 
  58   0036 0036: Digit six  Digit six 
  59   0037 0037: Digit seven  Digit seven 
  5A   0038 0038: Digit eight  Digit eight 
  5B   0039 0039: Digit nine  Digit nine 
  5C   002E 002E: Full stop  Full stop 
  5D   002C 002C: Comma  Comma 
  5E   003C 003C: Less-than sign  Less-than sign 
  5F   002F 002F: Forward slash (solidus)  Forward slash (solidus) 
  60   003E 003E: Greater-than sign  Greater-than sign 
  61   22C6 22C6: Star operator  Star operator 
  62   2202 2202: Partial differential  Partial differential 
  63   0041 0041: Latin capital letter A  Latin capital letter A 
  64   0042 0042: Latin capital letter B  Latin capital letter B 
  65   0043 0043: Latin capital letter C  Latin capital letter C 
  66   0044 0044: Latin capital letter D  Latin capital letter D 
  67   0045 0045: Latin capital letter E  Latin capital letter E 
  68   0046 0046: Latin capital letter F  Latin capital letter F 
  69   0047 0047: Latin capital letter G  Latin capital letter G 
  6A   0048 0048: Latin capital letter H  Latin capital letter H 
  6B   0049 0049: Latin capital letter I  Latin capital letter I 
  6C   004A 004A: Latin capital letter J  Latin capital letter J 
  6D   004B 004B: Latin capital letter K  Latin capital letter K 
  6E   004C 004C: Latin capital letter L  Latin capital letter L 
  6F   004D 004D: Latin capital letter M  Latin capital letter M 
  70   004E 004E: Latin capital letter N  Latin capital letter N 
  71   004F 004F: Latin capital letter O  Latin capital letter O 
  72   0050 0050: Latin capital letter P  Latin capital letter P 
  73   0051 0051: Latin capital letter Q  Latin capital letter Q 
  74   0052 0052: Latin capital letter R  Latin capital letter R 
  75   0053 0053: Latin capital letter S  Latin capital letter S 
  76   0054 0054: Latin capital letter T  Latin capital letter T 
  77   0055 0055: Latin capital letter U  Latin capital letter U 
  78   0056 0056: Latin capital letter V  Latin capital letter V 
  79   0057 0057: Latin capital letter W  Latin capital letter W 
  7A   0058 0058: Latin capital letter X  Latin capital letter X 
  7B   0059 0059: Latin capital letter Y  Latin capital letter Y 
  7C   005A 005A: Latin capital letter Z  Latin capital letter Z 
  7D   266D 266D: Music flat sign  Music flat sign 
  7E   266E 266E: Music natural sign  Music natural sign 
  80   266F 266F: Music sharp sign  Music sharp sign 
  81   2323 2323: Smile  Smile 
  82   2322 2322: Frown  Frown 
  83   2113 2113: Script small l  Script small l 
  84   0061 0061: Latin small letter a  Latin small letter a 
  85   0062 0062: Latin small letter b  Latin small letter b 
  86   0063 0063: Latin small letter c  Latin small letter c 
  87   0064 0064: Latin small letter d  Latin small letter d 
  88   0065 0065: Latin small letter e  Latin small letter e 
  89   0066 0066: Latin small letter f  Latin small letter f 
  8A   0067 0067: Latin small letter g  Latin small letter g 
  8B   0068 0068: Latin small letter h  Latin small letter h 
  8C   0069 0069: Latin small letter i  Latin small letter i 
  8D   006A 006A: Latin small letter j  Latin small letter j 
  8E   006B 006B: Latin small letter k  Latin small letter k 
  8F   006C 006C: Latin small letter l  Latin small letter l 
  90   006D 006D: Latin small letter m  Latin small letter m 
  91   006E 006E: Latin small letter n  Latin small letter n 
  92   006F 006F: Latin small letter o  Latin small letter o 
  93   0070 0070: Latin small letter p  Latin small letter p 
  94   0071 0071: Latin small letter q  Latin small letter q 
  95   0072 0072: Latin small letter r  Latin small letter r 
  96   0073 0073: Latin small letter s  Latin small letter s 
  97   0074 0074: Latin small letter t  Latin small letter t 
  98   0075 0075: Latin small letter u  Latin small letter u 
  99   0076 0076: Latin small letter v  Latin small letter v 
  9A   0077 0077: Latin small letter w  Latin small letter w 
  9B   0078 0078: Latin small letter x  Latin small letter x 
  9C   0079 0079: Latin small letter y  Latin small letter y 
  9D   007A 007A: Latin small letter z  Latin small letter z 
  9E   0131 0131: Latin small letter dotless i  Latin small letter dotless i 
  9F   ED02 ED02: Latin small letter dotless j  Latin small letter dotless j 
  A0   2118 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol  Weierstrass elliptic symbol 
  A1   20D6 20D6: Left arrow embellishment  Left arrow embellishment 
  A2   2040 2040: Character tie  Character tie 
  A3   0028 0028: Left parenthesis  Left parenthesis 
  A4   0029 0029: Right parenthesis  Right parenthesis 
  A5   005B 005B: Left square bracket  Left square bracket 
  A6   005D 005D: Right square bracket  Right square bracket 
  A7   2132 2132: Turned capital F  Turned capital F 
  A8   ED01 ED01: Mirror g  Mirror g 
  A9   2107 2107: Euler constant  Euler constant 
  AA   2127 2127: Inverted ohm sign  Inverted ohm sign 
  AB   210A 210A: Script small g  Script small g 
  AC   210E 210E: Planck constant  Planck constant 
  AD   2125 2125: Ounce sign  Ounce sign 
  AE   210F 210F: Planck constant over two pi  Planck constant over two pi 
  AF   019B 019B: Latin small letter lambda with stroke  Latin small letter lambda with stroke 
  B0   019A 019A: Latin small letter l with bar  Latin small letter l with bar 
  B1   2136 2136: Bet symbol  Bet symbol 
  B2   2137 2137: Gimel symbol  Gimel symbol 
  B3   2138 2138: Dalet symbol  Dalet symbol 
  B4   F080 F080: Blackboard-bold capital A  Blackboard-bold capital A 
  B5   F081 F081: Blackboard-bold capital B  Blackboard-bold capital B 
  B6   2102 2102: Blackboard-bold capital C  Blackboard-bold capital C 
  B7   F083 F083: Blackboard-bold capital D  Blackboard-bold capital D 
  B8   F084 F084: Blackboard-bold capital E  Blackboard-bold capital E 
  B9   F085 F085: Blackboard-bold capital F  Blackboard-bold capital F 
  BA   F086 F086: Blackboard-bold capital G  Blackboard-bold capital G 
  BB   210D 210D: Blackboard-bold capital H  Blackboard-bold capital H 
  BC   F088 F088: Blackboard-bold capital I  Blackboard-bold capital I 
  BD   F089 F089: Blackboard-bold capital J  Blackboard-bold capital J 
  BE   F08A F08A: Blackboard-bold capital K  Blackboard-bold capital K 
  BF   F08B F08B: Blackboard-bold capital L  Blackboard-bold capital L 
  C0   F08C F08C: Blackboard-bold capital M  Blackboard-bold capital M 
  C1   2115 2115: Blackboard-bold capital N  Blackboard-bold capital N 
  C2   F08E F08E: Blackboard-bold capital O  Blackboard-bold capital O 
  C3   2119 2119: Blackboard-bold capital P  Blackboard-bold capital P 
  C4   211A 211A: Blackboard-bold capital Q  Blackboard-bold capital Q 
  C5   211D 211D: Blackboard-bold capital R  Blackboard-bold capital R 
  C6   F092 F092: Blackboard-bold capital S  Blackboard-bold capital S 
  C7   F093 F093: Blackboard-bold capital T  Blackboard-bold capital T 
  C8   F094 F094: Blackboard-bold capital U  Blackboard-bold capital U 
  C9   F095 F095: Blackboard-bold capital V  Blackboard-bold capital V 
  CA   F096 F096: Blackboard-bold capital W  Blackboard-bold capital W 
  CB   F097 F097: Blackboard-bold capital X  Blackboard-bold capital X 
  CC   F098 F098: Blackboard-bold capital Y  Blackboard-bold capital Y 
  CD   2124 2124: Blackboard-bold capital Z  Blackboard-bold capital Z 
  CE   E932 E932: Less-than or approximately equal to  Less-than or approximately equal to 
  CF   E933 E933: Greater-than or approximately equal to  Greater-than or approximately equal to 
  D0   22D6 22D6: Less-than with dot  Less-than with dot 
  D1   22D7 22D7: Greater-than with dot  Greater-than with dot 
  D2   22D8 22D8: Very much less-than  Very much less-than 
  D3   22D9 22D9: Very much greater-than  Very much greater-than 
  D4   2264 2264: Less-than or equal to  Less-than or equal to 
  D5   2265 2265: Greater-than or equal to  Greater-than or equal to 
  D6   22DC 22DC: Equal to or less-than  Equal to or less-than 
  D7   22DD 22DD: Equal to or greater-than  Equal to or greater-than 
  D8   227C 227C: Precedes or equal to  Precedes or equal to 
  D9   227D 227D: Succeeds or equal to  Succeeds or equal to 
  DA   22DE 22DE: Equal to or precedes  Equal to or precedes 
  DB   22DF 22DF: Equal to or succeeds  Equal to or succeeds 
  DC   22DA 22DA: Less-than equal to or greater-than  Less-than equal to or greater-than 
  DD   22DB 22DB: Greater-than equal to or less-than  Greater-than equal to or less-than 
  DE   E922 E922: Less-than equal to or greater-than  Less-than equal to or greater-than 
  DF   E92D E92D: Greater-than equal to or less-than  Greater-than equal to or less-than 
  E0   E93A E93A: Precedes or equivalent to  Precedes or equivalent to 
  E1   E93B E93B: Succeeds or equivalent to  Succeeds or equivalent to 
  E2   E90C E90C: Subset of or equal to  Subset of or equal to 
  E3   E90B E90B: Superset of or equal to  Superset of or equal to 
  E4   25C0 25C0: Black left-pointing triangle  Black left-pointing triangle 
  E5   25B6 25B6: Black right-pointing triangle  Black right-pointing triangle 
  E6   226C 226C: Between  Between 
  E7   22D4 22D4: Pitchfork  Pitchfork 
  E8   E92E E92E: Bar operator  Bar operator 
  E9   E92F E92F: Double bar operator  Double bar operator 
  EA   22C8 22C8: Bowtie  Bowtie 
  EB   223D 223D: Reversed tilde  Reversed tilde 
  EC   22CD 22CD: Reversed tilde equals  Reversed tilde equals 
  ED   222E 222E: Contour integral  Contour integral 
  EE   222F 222F: Surface integral  Surface integral 
  EF   2230 2230: Volume integral  Volume integral 
  F0   2231 2231: Clockwise integral  Clockwise integral 
  F1   2233 2233: Anticlockwise contour integral  Anticlockwise contour integral 
  F2   2232 2232: Clockwise contour integral (arrow on right)  Clockwise contour integral (arrow on right) 
  F3   22C9 22C9: Left normal factor semidirect product  Left normal factor semidirect product 
  F4   22CA 22CA: Right normal factor semidirect product  Right normal factor semidirect product 
  F5   22CB 22CB: Left semidirect product  Left semidirect product 
  F6   22CC 22CC: Right semidirect product  Right semidirect product 
  F7   22BB 22BB: Xor  Xor 
  F8   22C7 22C7: Division times  Division times 
  F9   22AA 22AA: Triple vertical bar right turnstile  Triple vertical bar right turnstile 
  FA   22A6 22A6: Assertion  Assertion 
  FB   E94A E94A: Not assertion  Not assertion 
  FC   22A7 22A7: Models  Models 
  FD   E948 E948: Satisfied by  Satisfied by 
  FE   2216 2216: Set minus  Set minus 
  FF   22BA 22BA: Intercalate  Intercalate