EuclidMath1 encoding

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 
 0                  0
 1                  1
 2 0020: Space2296: Circled minus229A: Circled ring operator229B: Circled asterisk operator2296: Circled minus2298: Circled division slash24C8: Circled latin capital letter S229F: Squared minus229E: Squared plus22A0: Squared times22A1: Squared dot operator25A0: Black square25A1: White square25AA: Black small square   2
 3 0030: Digit zero0031: Digit one0032: Digit two0033: Digit three0034: Digit four0035: Digit five0036: Digit six0037: Digit seven0038: Digit eight0039: Digit nine       3
 4  F100: Script capital A212C: Script capital BF102: Script capital CF103: Script capital D2130: Script capital E2131: Script capital FF106: Script capital G210B: Script capital H2110: Script capital IF109: Script capital JF10A: Script capital K2112: Script capital L2133: Script capital MF10D: Script capital NF10E: Script capital O 4
 5 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbolF110: Script capital Q211B: Script capital RF112: Script capital SF113: Script capital TF114: Script capital UF115: Script capital VF116: Script capital WF117: Script capital XF118: Script capital YF119: Script capital Z      5
 6                  6
 7                  7
 8 FE68: Integer divide005C: Backward slash (reverse solidus)2216: Set minus2215: Division slash231C: Top left corner231E: Bottom left corner231D: Top right corner231F: Bottom right cornerE92E: Bar operatorE92F: Double bar operatorEA2E: Not bar operatorEA2F: Not double bar operator2224: Does not divide2226: Not parallel to   8
 9 22A2: Right tack22A8: True22A9: Forces22AA: Triple vertical bar right turnstile22A3: Left tack22A4: Down tack22AC: Does not prove22AD: Not true22AE: Does not force22AF: Negated double vertical bar double right turnstile       9
 A 00A0: No-break space2257: Ring equal to2256: Ring in equal to2253: Image of or approximately equal to2251: Geometrically equal to2252: Approximately equal to or the image of224F: Difference between224E: Geometrically equivalent to22B8: Multimap224D: Equivalent to2240: Wreath product2242: Minus tilde224A: Almost equal or equal to2241: Not tilde2247: Neither approximately nor actually equal to  A
 B 21A3: Rightwards arrow with tail21A2: Leftwards arrow with tail21A0: Rightwards two headed arrow219E: Leftwards two headed arrow21BC: Left harpoon (barb up)21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)21C1: Right harpoon (barb down)21BE: Up harpoon (barb right)21C2: Down harpoon (barb right)21BF: Up harpoon (barb left)21C3: Down harpoon (barb left)219A: Leftwards arrow with stroke219B: Rightwards arrow with stroke21CD: Leftwards double arrow with stroke21CF: Rightwards double arrow with stroke B
 C 21AE: Left right arrow with stroke21CE: Left right double arrow with stroke21C7: Leftwards paired arrows21C9: Rightwards paired arrows21C8: Upwards paired arrows21CA: Downwards paired arrows21C6: Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow21CB: Left harpoon over right harpoon21DB: Rightwards triple arrow21DA: Leftwards triple arrow21B1: Upwards arrow with tip rightwards21B0: Upwards arrow with tip leftwards21AC: Rightwards arrow with loop21AB: Leftwards arrow with loop21DD: Rightwards squiggle arrow21AD: Left right wave arrow C
 D 21B7: Clockwise top semicircle arrow21B6: Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow21BB: Clockwise open circle arrow21BA: Anticlockwise open circle arrow             D
 E 22CB: Left semidirect product22CC: Right semidirect product22C9: Left normal factor semidirect product22CA: Right normal factor semidirect product2720: Maltese cross22C6: Star operator22C7: Division times266D: Music flat sign266E: Music natural sign266F: Music sharp sign2214: Dot plus      E
 F 2201: Complement03F1: Greek rho symbol03B5: Greek small letter epsilon2204: There does not exist03DC: Greek letter digamma2132: Turned capital FED01: Mirror g0131: Latin small letter dotless iED02: Latin small letter dotless j03F0: Greek kappa symbol22BA: Intercalate2136: Bet symbol2137: Gimel symbol2138: Dalet symbol00F0: Latin small letter eth210F: Planck constant over two pi F
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character list

  20   0020 0020: Space  Space 
  21   2296 2296: Circled minus  Circled minus 
  22   229A 229A: Circled ring operator  Circled ring operator 
  23   229B 229B: Circled asterisk operator  Circled asterisk operator 
  24   2296 2296: Circled minus  Circled minus 
  25   2298 2298: Circled division slash  Circled division slash 
  26   24C8 24C8: Circled latin capital letter S  Circled latin capital letter S 
  27   229F 229F: Squared minus  Squared minus 
  28   229E 229E: Squared plus  Squared plus 
  29   22A0 22A0: Squared times  Squared times 
  2A   22A1 22A1: Squared dot operator  Squared dot operator 
  2B   25A0 25A0: Black square  Black square 
  2C   25A1 25A1: White square  White square 
  2D   25AA 25AA: Black small square  Black small square 
  30   0030 0030: Digit zero  Digit zero 
  31   0031 0031: Digit one  Digit one 
  32   0032 0032: Digit two  Digit two 
  33   0033 0033: Digit three  Digit three 
  34   0034 0034: Digit four  Digit four 
  35   0035 0035: Digit five  Digit five 
  36   0036 0036: Digit six  Digit six 
  37   0037 0037: Digit seven  Digit seven 
  38   0038 0038: Digit eight  Digit eight 
  39   0039 0039: Digit nine  Digit nine 
  41   F100 F100: Script capital A  Script capital A 
  42   212C 212C: Script capital B  Script capital B 
  43   F102 F102: Script capital C  Script capital C 
  44   F103 F103: Script capital D  Script capital D 
  45   2130 2130: Script capital E  Script capital E 
  46   2131 2131: Script capital F  Script capital F 
  47   F106 F106: Script capital G  Script capital G 
  48   210B 210B: Script capital H  Script capital H 
  49   2110 2110: Script capital I  Script capital I 
  4A   F109 F109: Script capital J  Script capital J 
  4B   F10A F10A: Script capital K  Script capital K 
  4C   2112 2112: Script capital L  Script capital L 
  4D   2133 2133: Script capital M  Script capital M 
  4E   F10D F10D: Script capital N  Script capital N 
  4F   F10E F10E: Script capital O  Script capital O 
  50   2118 2118: Weierstrass elliptic symbol  Weierstrass elliptic symbol 
  51   F110 F110: Script capital Q  Script capital Q 
  52   211B 211B: Script capital R  Script capital R 
  53   F112 F112: Script capital S  Script capital S 
  54   F113 F113: Script capital T  Script capital T 
  55   F114 F114: Script capital U  Script capital U 
  56   F115 F115: Script capital V  Script capital V 
  57   F116 F116: Script capital W  Script capital W 
  58   F117 F117: Script capital X  Script capital X 
  59   F118 F118: Script capital Y  Script capital Y 
  5A   F119 F119: Script capital Z  Script capital Z 
  80   FE68 FE68: Integer divide  Integer divide 
  81   005C 005C: Backward slash (reverse solidus)  Backward slash (reverse solidus) 
  82   2216 2216: Set minus  Set minus 
  83   2215 2215: Division slash  Division slash 
  84   231C 231C: Top left corner  Top left corner 
  85   231E 231E: Bottom left corner  Bottom left corner 
  86   231D 231D: Top right corner  Top right corner 
  87   231F 231F: Bottom right corner  Bottom right corner 
  88   E92E E92E: Bar operator  Bar operator 
  89   E92F E92F: Double bar operator  Double bar operator 
  8A   EA2E EA2E: Not bar operator  Not bar operator 
  8B   EA2F EA2F: Not double bar operator  Not double bar operator 
  8C   2224 2224: Does not divide  Does not divide 
  8D   2226 2226: Not parallel to  Not parallel to 
  90   22A2 22A2: Right tack  Right tack 
  91   22A8 22A8: True  True 
  92   22A9 22A9: Forces  Forces 
  93   22AA 22AA: Triple vertical bar right turnstile  Triple vertical bar right turnstile 
  94   22A3 22A3: Left tack  Left tack 
  95   22A4 22A4: Down tack  Down tack 
  96   22AC 22AC: Does not prove  Does not prove 
  97   22AD 22AD: Not true  Not true 
  98   22AE 22AE: Does not force  Does not force 
  99   22AF 22AF: Negated double vertical bar double right turnstile  Negated double vertical bar double right turnstile 
  A0   00A0 00A0: No-break space  No-break space 
  A1   2257 2257: Ring equal to  Ring equal to 
  A2   2256 2256: Ring in equal to  Ring in equal to 
  A3   2253 2253: Image of or approximately equal to  Image of or approximately equal to 
  A4   2251 2251: Geometrically equal to  Geometrically equal to 
  A5   2252 2252: Approximately equal to or the image of  Approximately equal to or the image of 
  A6   224F 224F: Difference between  Difference between 
  A7   224E 224E: Geometrically equivalent to  Geometrically equivalent to 
  A8   22B8 22B8: Multimap  Multimap 
  A9   224D 224D: Equivalent to  Equivalent to 
  AA   2240 2240: Wreath product  Wreath product 
  AB   2242 2242: Minus tilde  Minus tilde 
  AC   224A 224A: Almost equal or equal to  Almost equal or equal to 
  AD   2241 2241: Not tilde  Not tilde 
  AE   2247 2247: Neither approximately nor actually equal to  Neither approximately nor actually equal to 
  B0   21A3 21A3: Rightwards arrow with tail  Rightwards arrow with tail 
  B1   21A2 21A2: Leftwards arrow with tail  Leftwards arrow with tail 
  B2   21A0 21A0: Rightwards two headed arrow  Rightwards two headed arrow 
  B3   219E 219E: Leftwards two headed arrow  Leftwards two headed arrow 
  B4   21BC 21BC: Left harpoon (barb up)  Left harpoon (barb up) 
  B5   21BD 21BD: Left harpoon (barb down)  Left harpoon (barb down) 
  B6   21C0 21C0: Right harpoon (barb up)  Right harpoon (barb up) 
  B7   21C1 21C1: Right harpoon (barb down)  Right harpoon (barb down) 
  B8   21BE 21BE: Up harpoon (barb right)  Up harpoon (barb right) 
  B9   21C2 21C2: Down harpoon (barb right)  Down harpoon (barb right) 
  BA   21BF 21BF: Up harpoon (barb left)  Up harpoon (barb left) 
  BB   21C3 21C3: Down harpoon (barb left)  Down harpoon (barb left) 
  BC   219A 219A: Leftwards arrow with stroke  Leftwards arrow with stroke 
  BD   219B 219B: Rightwards arrow with stroke  Rightwards arrow with stroke 
  BE   21CD 21CD: Leftwards double arrow with stroke  Leftwards double arrow with stroke 
  BF   21CF 21CF: Rightwards double arrow with stroke  Rightwards double arrow with stroke 
  C0   21AE 21AE: Left right arrow with stroke  Left right arrow with stroke 
  C1   21CE 21CE: Left right double arrow with stroke  Left right double arrow with stroke 
  C2   21C7 21C7: Leftwards paired arrows  Leftwards paired arrows 
  C3   21C9 21C9: Rightwards paired arrows  Rightwards paired arrows 
  C4   21C8 21C8: Upwards paired arrows  Upwards paired arrows 
  C5   21CA 21CA: Downwards paired arrows  Downwards paired arrows 
  C6   21C6 21C6: Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow  Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow 
  C7   21CB 21CB: Left harpoon over right harpoon  Left harpoon over right harpoon 
  C8   21DB 21DB: Rightwards triple arrow  Rightwards triple arrow 
  C9   21DA 21DA: Leftwards triple arrow  Leftwards triple arrow 
  CA   21B1 21B1: Upwards arrow with tip rightwards  Upwards arrow with tip rightwards 
  CB   21B0 21B0: Upwards arrow with tip leftwards  Upwards arrow with tip leftwards 
  CC   21AC 21AC: Rightwards arrow with loop  Rightwards arrow with loop 
  CD   21AB 21AB: Leftwards arrow with loop  Leftwards arrow with loop 
  CE   21DD 21DD: Rightwards squiggle arrow  Rightwards squiggle arrow 
  CF   21AD 21AD: Left right wave arrow  Left right wave arrow 
  D0   21B7 21B7: Clockwise top semicircle arrow  Clockwise top semicircle arrow 
  D1   21B6 21B6: Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow  Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow 
  D2   21BB 21BB: Clockwise open circle arrow  Clockwise open circle arrow 
  D3   21BA 21BA: Anticlockwise open circle arrow  Anticlockwise open circle arrow 
  E0   22CB 22CB: Left semidirect product  Left semidirect product 
  E1   22CC 22CC: Right semidirect product  Right semidirect product 
  E2   22C9 22C9: Left normal factor semidirect product  Left normal factor semidirect product 
  E3   22CA 22CA: Right normal factor semidirect product  Right normal factor semidirect product 
  E4   2720 2720: Maltese cross  Maltese cross 
  E5   22C6 22C6: Star operator  Star operator 
  E6   22C7 22C7: Division times  Division times 
  E7   266D 266D: Music flat sign  Music flat sign 
  E8   266E 266E: Music natural sign  Music natural sign 
  E9   266F 266F: Music sharp sign  Music sharp sign 
  EA   2214 2214: Dot plus  Dot plus 
  F0   2201 2201: Complement  Complement 
  F1   03F1 03F1: Greek rho symbol  Greek rho symbol 
  F2   03B5 03B5: Greek small letter epsilon  Greek small letter epsilon 
  F3   2204 2204: There does not exist  There does not exist 
  F4   03DC 03DC: Greek letter digamma  Greek letter digamma 
  F5   2132 2132: Turned capital F  Turned capital F 
  F6   ED01 ED01: Mirror g  Mirror g 
  F7   0131 0131: Latin small letter dotless i  Latin small letter dotless i 
  F8   ED02 ED02: Latin small letter dotless j  Latin small letter dotless j 
  F9   03F0 03F0: Greek kappa symbol  Greek kappa symbol 
  FA   22BA 22BA: Intercalate  Intercalate 
  FB   2136 2136: Bet symbol  Bet symbol 
  FC   2137 2137: Gimel symbol  Gimel symbol 
  FD   2138 2138: Dalet symbol  Dalet symbol 
  FE   00F0 00F0: Latin small letter eth  Latin small letter eth 
  FF   210F 210F: Planck constant over two pi  Planck constant over two pi