AMSMathSymbolA Encoding

Character grid

Place the mouse pointer over a cell to see the MTCode (Unicode) value and description.

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 0                  0 
 1                  1 
 2  21AD: Left right wave arrow21AB: Leftwards arrow with loop21AC: Rightwards arrow with loop2257: Ring equal to227F: Succeeds or equivalent to2273: Greater-than or equivalent toE933: Greater-than or approximately equal to22B8: Multimap2234: Therefore2235: Because or since2251: Geometrically equal to225C: Delta equal to2272: Less-than or equivalent to2273: Greater-than or equivalent toE932: Less-than or approximately equal to 2 
 3 22DC: Equal to or less-than22DD: Equal to or greater-than22DE: Equal to or precedes22DF: Equal to or succeeds227C: Precedes or equal to2266: Less-than over equal to2264: Less-than or equal to2276: Less-than or greater-than2035: Reversed primeF8E7: Horizontal arrow extender2253: Image of or approximately equal to2252: Approximately equal to or the image of227D: Succeeds or equal to2267: Greater-than over equal to2265: Greater-than or equal to2277: Greater-than or less-than 3 
 4 228F: Square image of2290: Square original of22B3: Contains as normal subgroup22B2: Normal subgroup of22B5: Contains as normal subgroup or equal to22B4: Normal subgroup of or equal to2605: Black star226C: Between25BC: Black down-pointing triangle25B6: Black right-pointing triangle25C0: Black left-pointing triangleEB0E: Rightwards arrowheadEB0D: Leftwards arrowhead25B3: White up-pointing triangle25B2: Black up-pointing triangle25BD: White down-pointing triangle 4 
 5 2256: Ring in equal to22DA: Less-than equal to or greater-than22DB: Greater-than equal to or less-thanE922: Less-than equal to or greater-thanE92D: Greater-than equal to or less-than00A5: Yen sign21DB: Rightwards triple arrow21DA: Leftwards triple arrow2713: Check mark22BD: Nor22BC: Nand2306: Perspective2220: Angle2221: Measured angle2222: Spherical angle221D: Proportional to 5 
 6 2323: Smile2322: Frown22D0: Double subset22D1: Double superset22D3: Double union22D2: Double intersection22CF: Curly logical and22CE: Curly logical or22CB: Left semidirect product22CC: Right semidirect productE90C: Subset of or equal toE90B: Superset of or equal to224F: Difference between224E: Geometrically equivalent to22D8: Very much less-than22D9: Very much greater-than 6 
 7 231C: Top left corner231D: Top right corner00AE: Registered sign24C8: Circled latin capital letter S22D4: Pitchfork2214: Dot plus223D: Reversed tilde22CD: Reversed tilde equals231E: Bottom left corner231F: Bottom right corner2720: Maltese cross2201: Complement22BA: Intercalate229A: Circled ring operator229B: Circled asterisk operator  7 
 8                  8 
 9                  9 
 A  22A1: Squared dot operator229E: Squared plus22A0: Squared times22A1: Squared dot operator25A0: Black square25AA: Black small square2662: White diamond suit2666: Black diamond suit21BB: Clockwise open circle arrow21BA: Anticlockwise open circle arrow  21CB: Left harpoon over right harpoon21CA: Downwards paired arrows229F: Squared minus A 
 B 22A9: Forces22AA: Triple vertical bar right turnstile22AB: Double vertical bar double right turnstile21A0: Rightwards two headed arrow219E: Leftwards two headed arrow21C7: Leftwards paired arrows21C9: Rightwards paired arrows21C8: Upwards paired arrows21CA: Downwards paired arrows21BE: Up harpoon (barb right)21C2: Down harpoon (barb right)21BF: Up harpoon (barb left)21C3: Down harpoon (barb left)21A3: Rightwards arrow with tail21A2: Leftwards arrow with tail21C6: Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow B 
 C 21C4: Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow21B0: Upwards arrow with tip leftwards21B1: Upwards arrow with tip rightwards21DD: Rightwards squiggle arrow229D: Circled dash            C 
 D                  D 
 E                  E 
 F                  F 
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F 

Character list

  21   21AD 21AD: Left right wave arrow  Left right wave arrow 
  22   21AB 21AB: Leftwards arrow with loop  Leftwards arrow with loop 
  23   21AC 21AC: Rightwards arrow with loop  Rightwards arrow with loop 
  24   2257 2257: Ring equal to  Ring equal to 
  25   227F 227F: Succeeds or equivalent to  Succeeds or equivalent to 
  26   2273 2273: Greater-than or equivalent to  Greater-than or equivalent to 
  27   E933 E933: Greater-than or approximately equal to  Greater-than or approximately equal to 
  28   22B8 22B8: Multimap  Multimap 
  29   2234 2234: Therefore  Therefore 
  2A   2235 2235: Because or since  Because or since 
  2B   2251 2251: Geometrically equal to  Geometrically equal to 
  2C   225C 225C: Delta equal to  Delta equal to 
  2D   2272 2272: Less-than or equivalent to  Less-than or equivalent to 
  2E   2273 2273: Greater-than or equivalent to  Greater-than or equivalent to 
  2F   E932 E932: Less-than or approximately equal to  Less-than or approximately equal to 
  30   22DC 22DC: Equal to or less-than  Equal to or less-than 
  31   22DD 22DD: Equal to or greater-than  Equal to or greater-than 
  32   22DE 22DE: Equal to or precedes  Equal to or precedes 
  33   22DF 22DF: Equal to or succeeds  Equal to or succeeds 
  34   227C 227C: Precedes or equal to  Precedes or equal to 
  35   2266 2266: Less-than over equal to  Less-than over equal to 
  36   2264 2264: Less-than or equal to  Less-than or equal to 
  37   2276 2276: Less-than or greater-than  Less-than or greater-than 
  38   2035 2035: Reversed prime  Reversed prime 
  39   F8E7 F8E7: Horizontal arrow extender  Horizontal arrow extender 
  3A   2253 2253: Image of or approximately equal to  Image of or approximately equal to 
  3B   2252 2252: Approximately equal to or the image of  Approximately equal to or the image of 
  3C   227D 227D: Succeeds or equal to  Succeeds or equal to 
  3D   2267 2267: Greater-than over equal to  Greater-than over equal to 
  3E   2265 2265: Greater-than or equal to  Greater-than or equal to 
  3F   2277 2277: Greater-than or less-than  Greater-than or less-than 
  40   228F 228F: Square image of  Square image of 
  41   2290 2290: Square original of  Square original of 
  42   22B3 22B3: Contains as normal subgroup  Contains as normal subgroup 
  43   22B2 22B2: Normal subgroup of  Normal subgroup of 
  44   22B5 22B5: Contains as normal subgroup or equal to  Contains as normal subgroup or equal to 
  45   22B4 22B4: Normal subgroup of or equal to  Normal subgroup of or equal to 
  46   2605 2605: Black star  Black star 
  47   226C 226C: Between  Between 
  48   25BC 25BC: Black down-pointing triangle  Black down-pointing triangle 
  49   25B6 25B6: Black right-pointing triangle  Black right-pointing triangle 
  4A   25C0 25C0: Black left-pointing triangle  Black left-pointing triangle 
  4B   EB0E EB0E: Rightwards arrowhead  Rightwards arrowhead 
  4C   EB0D EB0D: Leftwards arrowhead  Leftwards arrowhead 
  4D   25B3 25B3: White up-pointing triangle  White up-pointing triangle 
  4E   25B2 25B2: Black up-pointing triangle  Black up-pointing triangle 
  4F   25BD 25BD: White down-pointing triangle  White down-pointing triangle 
  50   2256 2256: Ring in equal to  Ring in equal to 
  51   22DA 22DA: Less-than equal to or greater-than  Less-than equal to or greater-than 
  52   22DB 22DB: Greater-than equal to or less-than  Greater-than equal to or less-than 
  53   E922 E922: Less-than equal to or greater-than  Less-than equal to or greater-than 
  54   E92D E92D: Greater-than equal to or less-than  Greater-than equal to or less-than 
  55   00A5 00A5: Yen sign  Yen sign 
  56   21DB 21DB: Rightwards triple arrow  Rightwards triple arrow 
  57   21DA 21DA: Leftwards triple arrow  Leftwards triple arrow 
  58   2713 2713: Check mark  Check mark 
  59   22BD 22BD: Nor  Nor 
  5A   22BC 22BC: Nand  Nand 
  5B   2306 2306: Perspective  Perspective 
  5C   2220 2220: Angle  Angle 
  5D   2221 2221: Measured angle  Measured angle 
  5E   2222 2222: Spherical angle  Spherical angle 
  5F   221D 221D: Proportional to  Proportional to 
  60   2323 2323: Smile  Smile 
  61   2322 2322: Frown  Frown 
  62   22D0 22D0: Double subset  Double subset 
  63   22D1 22D1: Double superset  Double superset 
  64   22D3 22D3: Double union  Double union 
  65   22D2 22D2: Double intersection  Double intersection 
  66   22CF 22CF: Curly logical and  Curly logical and 
  67   22CE 22CE: Curly logical or  Curly logical or 
  68   22CB 22CB: Left semidirect product  Left semidirect product 
  69   22CC 22CC: Right semidirect product  Right semidirect product 
  6A   E90C E90C: Subset of or equal to  Subset of or equal to 
  6B   E90B E90B: Superset of or equal to  Superset of or equal to 
  6C   224F 224F: Difference between  Difference between 
  6D   224E 224E: Geometrically equivalent to  Geometrically equivalent to 
  6E   22D8 22D8: Very much less-than  Very much less-than 
  6F   22D9 22D9: Very much greater-than  Very much greater-than 
  70   231C 231C: Top left corner  Top left corner 
  71   231D 231D: Top right corner  Top right corner 
  72   00AE 00AE: Registered sign  Registered sign 
  73   24C8 24C8: Circled latin capital letter S  Circled latin capital letter S 
  74   22D4 22D4: Pitchfork  Pitchfork 
  75   2214 2214: Dot plus  Dot plus 
  76   223D 223D: Reversed tilde  Reversed tilde 
  77   22CD 22CD: Reversed tilde equals  Reversed tilde equals 
  78   231E 231E: Bottom left corner  Bottom left corner 
  79   231F 231F: Bottom right corner  Bottom right corner 
  7A   2720 2720: Maltese cross  Maltese cross 
  7B   2201 2201: Complement  Complement 
  7C   22BA 22BA: Intercalate  Intercalate 
  7D   229A 229A: Circled ring operator  Circled ring operator 
  7E   229B 229B: Circled asterisk operator  Circled asterisk operator 
  A1   22A1 22A1: Squared dot operator  Squared dot operator 
  A2   229E 229E: Squared plus  Squared plus 
  A3   22A0 22A0: Squared times  Squared times 
  A4   22A1 22A1: Squared dot operator  Squared dot operator 
  A5   25A0 25A0: Black square  Black square 
  A6   25AA 25AA: Black small square  Black small square 
  A7   2662 2662: White diamond suit  White diamond suit 
  A8   2666 2666: Black diamond suit  Black diamond suit 
  A9   21BB 21BB: Clockwise open circle arrow  Clockwise open circle arrow 
  AA   21BA 21BA: Anticlockwise open circle arrow  Anticlockwise open circle arrow 
  AD   21CB 21CB: Left harpoon over right harpoon  Left harpoon over right harpoon 
  AE   21CA 21CA: Downwards paired arrows  Downwards paired arrows 
  AF   229F 229F: Squared minus  Squared minus 
  B0   22A9 22A9: Forces  Forces 
  B1   22AA 22AA: Triple vertical bar right turnstile  Triple vertical bar right turnstile 
  B2   22AB 22AB: Double vertical bar double right turnstile  Double vertical bar double right turnstile 
  B3   21A0 21A0: Rightwards two headed arrow  Rightwards two headed arrow 
  B4   219E 219E: Leftwards two headed arrow  Leftwards two headed arrow 
  B5   21C7 21C7: Leftwards paired arrows  Leftwards paired arrows 
  B6   21C9 21C9: Rightwards paired arrows  Rightwards paired arrows 
  B7   21C8 21C8: Upwards paired arrows  Upwards paired arrows 
  B8   21CA 21CA: Downwards paired arrows  Downwards paired arrows 
  B9   21BE 21BE: Up harpoon (barb right)  Up harpoon (barb right) 
  BA   21C2 21C2: Down harpoon (barb right)  Down harpoon (barb right) 
  BB   21BF 21BF: Up harpoon (barb left)  Up harpoon (barb left) 
  BC   21C3 21C3: Down harpoon (barb left)  Down harpoon (barb left) 
  BD   21A3 21A3: Rightwards arrow with tail  Rightwards arrow with tail 
  BE   21A2 21A2: Leftwards arrow with tail  Leftwards arrow with tail 
  BF   21C6 21C6: Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow  Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow 
  C0   21C4 21C4: Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow  Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow 
  C1   21B0 21B0: Upwards arrow with tip leftwards  Upwards arrow with tip leftwards 
  C2   21B1 21B1: Upwards arrow with tip rightwards  Upwards arrow with tip rightwards 
  C3   21DD 21DD: Rightwards squiggle arrow  Rightwards squiggle arrow 
  C4   229D 229D: Circled dash  Circled dash