Magnitude Name Symbol
Length meter m
Mass kilogram kg
Time second s
Electric current amper A
Thermodynamic temperature kelvin K
Quantity of substance mol mol
Luminous intensity candela cd
Magnitude Name Symbol
Plane angle radian rad
Solid angle steradian sr
Frequency hertz Hz
Force newton N
Pressure, strain pascal Pa
Pressure, strain atmosphere atm
Energy, work, quantity of heat joule J
Energy electronvolt eV
Power, radiant flux watt W
Electric potential difference, electromotive force volt V
Capacitance farad F
Electrical resistance ohm capital omega
Electrical charge coulomb C
Electrical conductivity siemens S
Magnetic flux weber Wb
Magnetic flux density tesla T
Inductance henry H
Luminous flux lumen lm
Illuminance lux lx
Radioactivity becquerel Bq
Absorbed dose gray Gy
Equivalent dose sievert Sv
Catalytic activity katal Kat
Molar concentration molar M
Unit of mass dalton u
Magnitude Name Symbol
Time hour h
Time minute min
Volume liter l
Pressure, strain bar b
Force kilopond kp
Length yard yd
Length foot ft
Length inch in
Length mile mi
Length nautical mile nmi
Volume gallon gal
Mass ounce oz
Mass pound lb
Volume fluid ounce floz
Volume pint pt