Magnitude Name Symbol
Length meter m
Mass kilogram kg
Time second s
Electric current amper A
Thermodynamic temperature kelvin K
Quantity of substance mol mol
Luminous intensity candela cd
Magnitude Name Symbol
Plane angle radian rad
Solid angle steradian sr
Frequency hertz Hz
Force newton N
Pressure, strain pascal Pa
Energy, work, quantity of heat joule J
Power, radiant flux watt W
Electric potential difference, electromotive force volt V
Capacitance farad F
Electrical resistance ohm capital omega
Electrical charge coulomb C
Electrical conductivity siemens S
Magnetic flux weber Wb
Magnetic flux density tesla T
Inductance henry H
Luminous flux lumen lm
Illuminance lux lx
Radioactivity becquerel Bq
Absorbed dose gray Gy
Equivalent dose sievert Sv
Catalytic activity katal Kat
Magnitude Name Symbol
Time hour h
Time minute min
Volume liter l
Pressure, strain bar b