Pie chart

Pie charts are another common tool for categorical data, when we want to show the proportion that each category occupies out of the whole.


It draws a pie chart for a data sample.

Option Description Format Default value
clockwise When set to true, values of the input data are plotted in clockwise order. If false, values are plotted counterclockwise. Boolean. false
color Sets the color for the outline of pie slices. RGB list of values {r,g,b} where r, g, and b are integers between 0-255. Alternatively one of the following strings: black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, brown, orange, pink, grey, dark_grey, light_grey, or one of the HTML colors, by name (e.g. html_indigo rather than 4b0082). {66,66,66}
fill_color Sets the color for the interior of each pie slice. Each new color is plotted in the order than it appears, an if less colors than data values are provided, the list wraps around. A list of colors {color1,color2,...} where each color follows the format described in the color option. auto (a predetermined color scheme)
labels Provides labels for each pie slice, displayed next to the slices. These replace the default labels. A list of Strings. auto (each slice is labeled with its value)
pie_radius Sets the radius of the whole pie chart. Positive Float 1
starting_angle An angle in radians that indicates at which angle to start plotting the first pie slice. Degrees can be used, if they are followed by the degree symbol. Float. auto (zero)
title Title of the pie chart, to be shown above it. String. "" (empty string)