Boxplots are very useful for a concise representation of a data set. In one boxplot we see the median, the interquantile range (IQR), as well as outliers.


It draws a boxplot for a data sample.

Option Description Format Default value
box_width Specifies the width of all boxes. Positive Float. 1
color Specifies the color of the outline of all boxes. RGB list of values {r,g,b} where r, g, and b are integers between 0-255. Alternatively one of the following strings: black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, brown, orange, pink, grey, dark_grey, light_grey, or one of the HTML colors, by name (e.g. html_indigo rather than 4b0082). {255,128,0}
data_subset A list specifying which positions (indexing begins at 1) of the list of values in data are to be used for the boxplot. List of positive integers. {} (empty list, all values are taken)
fill When set to true, fill_color can be used to color the interior of the bars. If false, the fill_color option is ignored. Boolean. false
fill_color Set the color to be used in the interior of all boxes (if fill is true). Color value following the format described in the color option. {255,200,0}
group Assigns a group to each data value, according to position in the list. An element in data is assigned to the string in group in the same list position. A separate boxplot is created for each group, which are drawn from left to right (or bottom to top) in alphabetical order of group name. List of Strings, exactly as long as the length of data. {} (empty list, everything is plotted in one boxplot)
labels Provides labels for each group of data, written under (or to the side of) each box in the plot. If the labels option is not used, group names will be shown as labels. If less labels than groups are provided, the rightmost groups will be shown with no label. Note that in particular, setting labels={} removes all box labels from the plot. A list of Strings. auto (uses group names as labels)
notch When set to true, boxes are notched at the median of the box. The notch extends to a 95% confidence interval. Boolean. false
orientation Plot boxes either horizontally or vertically. vertical or horizontal vertical
show_outliers When set to true, outliers are plotted as points. If false, outliers are not plotted. Boolean. true
title Displays a title above the boxplot. String. "" (empty string)
whiskers_range Adjusts the maximum length for which data can be shown as a whisker. If the largest value is under Q3 + whisker_range*IQR, it is plotted as a whisker. Similarly the smallest value above Q1 - whisker_range*IQR will be plotted as a whisker. Values outside of the whisker range are considered to be outliers. Non-negative Float. 1.5