Programming functions

append Appends an element
belongs? Checks if an element belongs to a set
complement Complement of two sets
constant_list Constant list constructor
count_element Number of appearences of an element in a list
divisor Divisor constructor
else_if Else_if statement
else Else statement
empty_divisor Empty divisor constructor
empty_relation Empty relation constructor
empty_table Empty table constructor
erase Erase an element of a list
expression Converts a string to an expression
for For loop statement
get_domain Type of object
head First element of a list
if If statement
index_erase Erase elements of a list
index Index of appeareances of an element
insert Insert an element in a list
intersect Intersection of two sets
in Runs an iterator within a range
is? Checks the type of object
length Size of an object
list List constructor
local Local variables
max Maximum of a set
min Minimum of a set
not_belongs? Checks if an element not belongs to a set
not_null? Checks if an object is not null
not Logical negation operator
null? Checks if an object is null
number_of_arguments Number of arguments of an operation
prepend Prepend an element
random Random number generator
relation Creates a relation object
repeat Repeat statement
replace Replace an element of a vector, list, matrix by another one
reverse Reverses the order of an object
set Set constructor
sort Sort a set
split Split a string
string_substitution Substitute strings in an expression
string String constructor
subset? Checks if a set is a subset of another one
substring Get substrings from a larger string
support Support (different from zero) of a relation, divisor...
table Table constructor
tail Tail of a list
take The first or last elements of a list
union Union of sets
where Where statement
while While statement
with With statement
zero? Checks if the elements in a set are different from zero