absolute The absolute value of a number
adjoint_element Adjoint element of a finite field quotient a polynomial
adjoint_matrix Adjoint matrix computation
all_variables All the variables of an expression
amplitude The amplitude of an arc
angle The angle between two objects
annihilating_polynomial Annihilating polynomial of an irrational
append Append a vertex to a polygon
append Appends an element
arc Arc constructor
arccos Arccosine function
arccot Arccotangent function
arccsc Arcosecant function
arcosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine function
arcsec Arcsecant function
arcsin Arcsine function
arctan Arctangent function
area Area enclosed in a figure
argument Argument of a complex number
arguments Arguments of an expression
arithmetic? Checks if a progression is arithmetic
arsinh Inverse hyperbolic sine function
artanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent function


bar_chart Draw a bar chart
barycenter Barycenter of a figure
base_change Change of base (decimal, binary...)
base Base ring of an extension
belongs_to_domain? Checks if a point belongs to domain
belongs? Checks if a point belongs to a figure
belongs? Checks if an element belongs to a set
bernoulli_variable Bernoulli variable
bezout Bezout identity
bezout Computes the polynomials of the bezout identity
binomial_variable Binomial variable
binomial Binomial number
bisector Bisector constructor
bit Bit expression of a number
boxplot Draw a boxplot


canonic_vector Construct a canonic vector
cardinal Cardinality of a set
category Category (arithmetic, geometric...) of a progression
ceil Ceiling function
center Center of a conic
central_moment Central moment computation
characteristic_matrix Compute the characteristic matrix
characteristic_polynomial Characteristic polynomial of a matrix
characteristic_polynomial Compute the characteristic polynomial
characteristic Characteristic of a ring
chi_squared_variable chi squared variable
chinese_theorem Chinese theorem coefficients
circumcenter Circumcenter point
circumference Circumference constructor
circumradius Circumradius
closest_point Closest point of a figure
coefficient_domain Coefficient domain of a polynomial
coefficient_of_variation Coefficient of variation computation
coefficient_si Coefficient of a quantity in the SI
coefficient Coefficient of a quantity
coefficient Coefficient of a series
coefficients Coefficients of a polynomial
colinear? Checks if points are colinear
collect Collect terms in a polynomial
column Column of a matrix
combinations_with_repetitions Number of combinations with repetitions
combinations Number of combinations
compare Compare function
compass The mark done with a compass
complement Complement of two sets
complex_variable_name Change the name of the complex variable
components Element components in a ring
composition Composition of two permutations
conic Conic constructor
conjugate Conjugate of a complex number
conjugates Conjugate of an element over the base field of an extension
conjugates Conjugates of a complex number
constant_list Constant list constructor
constant_matrix Construct a constant matrix
constant_sequence Create a constant sequence
constant_vector Construct a constant vector
content_and_primitive_part Content and primitive part of a polynomial
content Content of a polynomial
convergent? Checks if a series is convergent
conversion_factor Conversion factor between two units
convert Convert one quantity to another one
coplanars? Checks if points are coplanar
correlation_n Correlation computation, up to a factor
correlation Correlation computation
cos Cosine function
cosh Hyperbolic cosine function
cot Cotangent function
count_element Number of appearences of an element in a list
covariance Covariance computation
csc Cosecant function
cube Construct a cube
curve Construct a curve
cycles_representation Representation of a permutation by cycles


decimal Decimal part of a number
definition Definition of a function
degree Degree of a polynomial
degree Degree of a unit
degrees_minutes_seconds Angle expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds
denominator Denominator of a fraction
density Density function of a random variable
depend Dependencies of an expression
determinant Determinant of a matrix
diagonal_matrix Construct a diagonal matrix
differentiate Differentiation of a function
dimensions Dimensions of a matrix
directrix Directrix of a parabola
discontinuities Discontinuities of a function
distance Distance between two figures
distribution Distribution function of a random variable
distribution Distribution of the elements in a divisor
divisor Divisor constructor
divisors_mu_moebius Divisors of mu-Moebius function
divisors Divisors of a number
dodecahedron Constructs a dodecahedron
domain Returns the domain of a function
double_factorial Double factorial operation
drop Drop a vertex of a polygon


eccentricity Eccentricity of a conic
eigenvalues_and_vectors Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
eigenvalues Eigenvalues of a matrix
eigenvectors Eigenvectors of a matrix
element_of_order Element of a desired order in a ring
element Element of a set
elements Elements of a set
ellipse Constructs an ellipse
else_if Else_if statement
else Else statement
empty_divisor Empty divisor constructor
empty_relation Empty relation constructor
empty_table Empty table constructor
equation_vector Vector with equation coefficients
equation Equation of a figure
equilateral_triangle Equilateral triangle constructor
equilateral? Check if a triangle is equilateral
erase Erase a vertex of a polygon
erase Erase an element of a list
evaluate Evaluates an expression in a given point
exp Exponential function
expand Expand an expression
expansion_point Expansion point of a series
exponential_variable Exponential variable
expression_to_set Converts an expression to a set syntax
expression Expression of a curve
expression Converts a string to an expression
extended_gcd Extended greatest common divisor algorithm
extended_gcd Extended greatest common divisor algorithm for polynomials
extended_quartile Quartiles of a data sample
extension Algebraic extension constructor
exterior_bisector Exterior bisector lines
external? Checks if a point is external to a figure


factor_in_square_free_multiplicity Factorization of a polynomial in square free polynomials
factor_in_square_free Factorization of a polynomial in square free polynomials
factor Factorization of a number
factor Factorization of a polynomial
factorial Factorial operation
fibonacci Fibonacci numbers
field? Checks if a set is a field
field Field where an element belongs
finite? Checks if a ring is finite
finite_field Finite field constructor
first_vertex First vertex of a segment
floor Floor function
focal_semidistance Focal semidistance of a conic
focus Focus of a conic
for For loop statement
frobenius Frobenius endomorphism
function User function constructor


gaussian_elimination Gaussian elimination algorithm
gcd Greatest common divisor of integers
gcd Greatest common divisor of polynomials
geometric_mean Geometric mean computation
geometric_progression Geometric progression constructor
geometric_variable Geometric variable
get_domain Type of object


harmonic_mean Harmonic mean computation
head First element of a list
height_foot Height and base intersection
height Height of triangle
hermite_basis Hermite decomposition basis
hermite Hermite decomposition
hessenberg_reduction Hessenberg reduction algorithm
histogram Draw a histogram
homothecy Constructs an homothecy
hyperbola Constructs an hyperbola


i Imaginary unit
icosahedron Constructs an icosahedron
identity? Checks if a permutation is the identity
identity_function Identity function
identity_matrix Identity matrix constructor
identity Constructs the identity permutation
if If statement
image Image or rank of a matrix
imaginary_part Imaginary part of a complex number
in Runs an iterator within a range
incenter Center of the incircle
index_erase Erase elements of a list
index Index of appeareances of an element
index Position of an element in a set
initial_angle Angle of starting point of an arc
inradius Radius of the incircle
insert Insert a vertex in a polygon
insert Insert an element in a list
integral_curve Integral curve of an ordinary differential equation
integral_curves Integral curves of an ordinary differential equation
integrate Integration of a function
internal? Checks if a point is internal to a figure
interpolate Interpolation of a function
interquartile_range Difference between third and first quartiles
intersect Intersection of two figures
intersect Intersection of two sets
intervals Constructor of intervals
inverse Inverse of a matrix
irreducible? Checks if a polynomial is irreducible
irreducible_polynomial Irreducible polynomial of the desired degree
irreducible_polynomials Irreducible polynomials of the desired degree
is? Checks the type of object


jacobi Jacobi symbol
join Joins two polygons
jordan Jordan form


kernel Kernel of a matrix
kurtosis Kurtosis computation


lcm Least common multiple of integers
leading_coefficient Leading coefficient of a polynomial
leading_term Leading term of a polynomial
lcm Least common multiple of polynomials
legendre Legendre symbol
length Length of a segment
length Size of an object
level_curves Level curves of an ordinary differential equation
limit Limit and one-sided limit of a function
line Line constructor
linearly_independents? Check if vectors are independents
list List constructor
ln Naperian or natural logarithm function
local Local variables
log Base 10 logarithm function
log2 Base 2 logarithm function
lu_decomposition LU decomposition of a matrix
lucas Lucas numbers


maclaurin Maclaurin series expansion
matrix_range Matrix dimensions range
matrix Conic matrix
matrix Matrix from polynomial
max Maximum of a set
mean Mean computation
median_line Median line of a triangle
median Median computation
Metric prefixes List of supported metric prefixes
midpoint Midpoint of a segment or arc
min Minimum of a set
minor Minor computation
mod Modulo operator
mode Mode computation
moment Moment computation
monic? Checks if a polynomial is monic
monic Transformation to a monic polynomial
möbius_function Möbius function
multiplicity Multiplicity of a root


n_columns Number of columns of a matrix
n_rows Number of rows of a matrix
n_terms Number of terms of an expression
n_variables Number of variables of an expression
negative? Checks if a number is negative
norm_1 1-norm of a polynomial
norm_2 2-norm of a polynomial
norm_infinity infinity-norm of a polynomial
norm Norm of a vector
normal_variable Normal variable
normal_vector Normal vector of a plane
not_belongs? Checks if an element not belongs to a set
not_null? Checks if an object is not null
not Logical negation operator
null? Checks if an object is null
number_of_arguments Number of arguments of an operation
number_of_irreducible_polynomials Amount of irreducible polynomials
numerator Numerator of a fraction
numerical_differentiation Numerical differentiation of a function
numerical_integration Numerical integration of a function
numerical_solve Numerical solve of a system of equations


octahedron Constructor of an octahedron
order Order of a permutation
order Order of an element over a field
oriented_angle Oriented angle between two vectors
oriented_area Oriented area between two figures
orthocenter Orthocenter of a triangle


parabola Constructs a parabola
parallel? Checks if two lines are parallel
parallel Parallel line constructor
partial_fractions Partial fractions decomposition
perimeter Perimeter computation
permutation Constructs a permutation
permutations_with_repetitions Permutations with repetitions of a set
permutations Permutations of a set
perpendicular_bisector Perpendicular bisector line
perpendicular? Checks if two lines are perpendicular
perpendicular_vector Perpendicular vector
perpendicular Perpendicular line or plane
phi_euler ϕ-Euler function
pie_chart Draw a pie chart
plane Plane constructor
plot Plots an object
point Point constructor
poisson_variable Poisson variable
polar_curve Polar curve constructor
polar Polar form of a complex number
polar Polar line of a conic
polo Polo of a conic
polygon Polygon constructor
polygonal Polygonal constructor
polygonals Polygonals constructor
polyhedra_cone_with_lid Polyhedra cone with base constructor
polyhedra_cone Polyhedra cone constructor
polyhedra_cylinder_with_lids Polyhedra cylinder with bases constructor
polyhedra_cylinder Polyhedra cylinder constructor
polyhedra_sphere Polyhedra sphere constructor
polyhedra_torus Polyhedra torus constructor
polyhedra Polyhedra constructor
polynomial_to_companion_matrix Companion matrix constructor
polynomic? Checks if a progression is polynomic
positive? Checks if a number is positive
power_modulo Power of a polynomial modulo another polynomial
power Power of circumference
precedent Precedent algebraic structure of an extension
prepend Prepend a vertex in a polygon
prepend Prepend an element
prime? Checks if a number is prime
prime_power Prime power of a number
prime A prime number
primitive_element Primitive element of a field
primitive_part Primitive part of a polynomial
prism Prism constructor
progression Constructs a progression
projection Projection of a point
projectivity Image for a projectivity
pseudoremainder Pseudoremainder of two polynomials
pyramid Constructs a pyramid


qr_decomposition QR decomposition of a matrix
quadric Quadric constructor
quantile Inverse of cumulative distribution
quantity Constructs a quantity
quartile Quartile computation
quotient_and_remainder Quotient and remainder of euclidean division
quotient_and_remainder Quotient and remainder of euclidean division
quotient Quotient of euclidean division
quotient Quotient of euclidean division


radius Radius of a circumference
random Random number following a distribution
random Random number generator
rank Rank of a matrix
ratio Ratio of a geometric progression
rationalize Rationalize a fraction with square roots
real_part Real part of a complex number
region Region between two curves
regression_exponential Regression following an exponential function
regression_line Regression following a linear function
regression_logarithm Regression following a logarithm function
regression_power Regression following a power law
regular_polygon Constructs a regular polygon
relation Creates a relation object
relative_degree Relative degree of an extension
remainder Remainder of euclidean division
remainder Remainder of euclidean division
repeat Repeat statement
replace Replace an element of a vector, list, matrix by another one
represent Represents an object and its interesting points
resultant_matrix Resultant matrix of two polynomials
resultant Resultant of two polynomials
reverse Reverses the order of an object
ring? Checks if a set is a ring
root Root of a number
roots_to_polynomial Polynomial with given roots
roots Roots of a number
roots Roots of a polynomial
rotation_matrix Construct a rotation matrix
rotation Rotates a figure
round Rounding to the nearest integer


sec Secant function
second_vertex Second vertex of a segment
segment Constructs a segment
semimajor_axis Semimajor axis of a conic
semiminor_axis Semiminor axis of a conic
sequence Constructs a sequence
sequence Sequence of vertices of a polygon
series Series of a function
set Set constructor
sign Sign function
sign Sign of a permutation
sign0 Sign function
similar? Checks if two triangles are similar
simplify_radical Simplify an expression with radicals
simplify Simplify an expression
sin Sine function
sinh Hyperbolic sine function
skewness Skewness computation
slope Slope of a line
smith_normal_form_basis Smith normal form
smith_normal_form Smith normal form invariant factors
solve Solve linear system
solve_inequation Solve an inequation
solve Solve a set of equations
sort Sort a set
split Split a string
sqrt Square root of a number
sqrts Square roots of a number
square_free? Checks if exists a square-free factorization
square? Square of a number
standard_deviation_n Standard deviation computation, up to a factor
standard_deviation Standard deviation computation
standardize Standardization of a random variable
step Step of a sequence
string_substitution Substitute strings in an expression
string String constructor
student_t_variable t-student variable
subextension? Checks if an extension is a subextension
subset? Checks if a set is a subset of another one
subspace_intersection Intersection of subspaces
subspace_sum Sum of subspaces
substitute Substitute a variable by an expression
substring Get substrings from a larger string
supplement Supplement of an space
support Support (different from zero) of a relation, divisor...
surface Constructs a surface
symmetric? Check if a matrix is symmetric
symmetry_matrix Construct the symmetry matrix
symmetry Symmetry of an object


table Table constructor
tail Tail of a list
tail Tail of a polynomial
take The first or last elements of a list
tan Tangent function
tangent_axle Tangent axle
tangent_line Tangent line of a figure
tangent_lines Tangent lines of a figure
tangent_points Tangent points of a figure
tanh Hyperbolic tangent function
tartaglia Tartaglia triangle's row
taylor_series Taylor series of a function
taylor Taylor expansion of a function
term_list List of term of a series
term Term of a series
terms_list List of terms of a series
terms Terms of a series
tetrahedron Tetrahedron constructor
to_decimal To decimal form
total_degree Total degree of a field extension
tower Tower of an extension
trace Trace of a matrix
translation_matrix Translation matrix
translation Translation of a figure
transpose Transpose of a matrix
transposition Transposition permutation
triangle Constructs a triangle
trunc Trunc a number
truncate Truncate a series


uniform_variable Uniform variable
union Union of sets
unit_si Unit of a quantity in the SI
Units List of supported units


variable Variable of an expression
variables Variables of an expression
variance_n Variance computation, up to a factor
variance Variance computation
variations_with_repetition Variations with repetitions of a set
variations Variations of a set
vector_field Vector field of an ordinary differential equation
vector Constructs a vector
vector Permutation to vector converter
vectorial_product Vectorial or cross product
versor Versor computation
vertex Vertex of a parabola or polygon
vertices Vertices of a 3D triangle, polygonal or polygon
volume Volume of a figure


where Where statement
while While statement
with With statement
write Write text in a point


zero? Checks if the elements in a set are different from zero
zero0 Zero function
zeros Sequence of zeros
Zn Z subscript p constructor