Draws an object.




Plots an object. Some objects that can be drawn include: circumferences, curves, equations, expressions, functions, lines, points, polygons, polygonals, segments, text boxes, triangles. If the argument is a list, all its elements are drawn.


Option Description Format Default value
border We can choose if the border of closed figures is painted or not {border=true}{border=false}
color We can choose the color to be used for drawing. RGB list of values {r,g,b} where r, g, and b are integers between 0-255. Alternatively one of the following strings: black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, brown, orange, pink, grey, dark_grey, light_grey, or one of the HTML colors, by name (e.g. html_indigo rather than 4b0082). {color=red}{color=black}
fill In the case of a closed figure, the command determines whether the interior is filled or not {fill=true}{fill=false}
fill_color If working with a closed figure and if the value defined for fill is true, this command indicates the color to be used to paint the inside of the figures. See color option {fill_color=red}{fill_color=black}
fixed_dimensions This defines whether or not objects must be repositioned in the plane, when the drawing board dimensions are changed {fixed_dimensions=true}{fixed_dimensions=false}
line_width This command is used to set the thickness of lines, segments or functions drawn on the drawing board {line_width=3}{line_width=1}
visible This command determines whether the element is visible or not {visible=false}{visible=true}