amplitude The amplitude of an arc
angle The angle between two objects
append Append a vertex to a polygon
arc Arc constructor
area Area enclosed in a figure
barycenter Barycenter of a figure
belongs? Checks if a point belongs to a figure
bisector Bisector constructor
center Center of a conic
circumcenter Circumcenter point
circumference Circumference constructor
circumradius Circumradius
closest_point Closest point of a figure
colinear? Checks if points are colinear
compass The mark done with a compass
conic Conic constructor
coplanars? Checks if points are coplanar
cube Construct a cube
curve Construct a curve
directrix Directrix of a parabola
distance Distance between two figures
dodecahedron Constructs a dodecahedron
drop Drop a vertex of a polygon
eccentricity Eccentricity of a conic
ellipse Constructs an ellipse
equation Equation of a figure
equation_vector Vector with equation coefficients
equilateral_triangle Equilateral triangle constructor
equilateral? Check if a triangle is equilateral
erase Erase a vertex of a polygon
expression Expression of a curve
exterior_bisector Exterior bisector lines
external? Checks if a point is external to a figure
first_vertex First vertex of a segment
focal_semidistance Focal semidistance of a conic
focus Focus of a conic
height_foot Height and base intersection
height Height of triangle
homothecy Constructs an homothecy
hyperbola Constructs an hyperbola
icosahedron Constructs an icosahedron
incenter Center of the incircle
initial_angle Angle of starting point of an arc
inradius Radius of the incircle
insert Insert a vertex in a polygon
internal? Checks if a point is internal to a figure
join Joins two polygons
length Length of a segment
line Line constructor
matrix Conic matrix
median_line Median line of a triangle
midpoint Midpoint of a segment or arc
normal_vector Normal vector of a plane
octahedron Constructor of an octahedron
oriented_angle Oriented angle between two vectors
oriented_area Oriented area between two figures
orthocenter Orthocenter of a triangle
parabola Constructs a parabola
parallel? Checks if two lines are parallel
parallel Parallel line constructor
perimeter Perimeter computation
perpendicular_bisector Perpendicular bisector line
perpendicular? Checks if two lines are perpendicular
perpendicular Perpendicular line or plane
perpendicular_vector Perpendicular vector
plane Plane constructor
point Point constructor
polar_curve Polar curve constructor
polar Polar line of a conic
polo Polo of a conic
polygonals Polygonals constructor
polygonal Polygonal constructor
polygon Polygon constructor
polyhedra_cone Polyhedra cone constructor
polyhedra_cylinder Polyhedra cylinder constructor
polyhedra_sphere Polyhedra sphere constructor
polyhedra_torus Polyhedra torus constructor
polyhedra Polyhedra constructor
power Power of circumference
prepend Prepend a vertex in a polygon
prism Prism constructor
projection Projection of a point
projectivity Image for a projectivity
pyramid Constructs a pyramid
quadric Quadric constructor
radius Radius of a circumference
regular_polygon Constructs a regular polygon
rotation Rotates a figure
second_vertex Second vertex of a segment
segment Constructs a segment
semimajor_axis Semimajor axis of a conic
semiminor_axis Semiminor axis of a conic
sequence Sequence of vertices of a polygon
similar? Checks if two triangles are similar
slope Slope of a line
surface Constructs a surface
symmetry Symmetry of an object
tangent_axle Tangent axle
tangent_lines Tangent lines of a figure
tangent_line Tangent line of a figure
tangent_points Tangent points of a figure
tetrahedron Tetrahedron constructor
translation_matrix Translation matrix
translation Translation of a figure
triangle Constructs a triangle
vector Constructs a vector
vertex Vertex of a parabola or polygon
volume Volume of a figure