Expressions and polynomials

all_variables All the variables of an expression
arguments Arguments of an expression
belongs_to_domain? Checks if a point belongs to domain
bezout Computes the polynomials of the bezout identity
coefficient_domain Coefficient domain of a polynomial
coefficients Coefficients of a polynomial
collect Collect terms in a polynomial
degree Degree of a polynomial
depend Dependencies of an expression
discontinuities Discontinuities of a function
domain Returns the domain of a function
evaluate Evaluates an expression in a given point
expand Expand an expression
expression_to_set Converts an expression to a set syntax
extended_gcd Extended greatest common divisor algorithm for polynomials
factor_in_square_free_multiplicity Factorization of a polynomial in square free polynomials
factor_in_square_free Factorization of a polynomial in square free polynomials
factor Factorization of a polynomial
gcd Greatest common divisor of polynomials
intervals Constructor of intervals
leading_coefficient Leading coefficient of a polynomial
leading_term Leading term of a polynomial
lcm Least common multiple of polynomials
monic? Checks if a polynomial is monic
monic Transformation to a monic polynomial
multiplicity Multiplicity of a root
norm_1 1-norm of a polynomial
norm_2 2-norm of a polynomial
norm_infinity infinity-norm of a polynomial
n_terms Number of terms of an expression
n_variables Number of variables of an expression
partial_fractions Partial fractions decomposition
quotient_and_remainder Quotient and remainder of euclidean division
quotient Quotient of euclidean division
remainder Remainder of euclidean division
roots_to_polynomial Polynomial with given roots
roots Roots of a polynomial
simplify_radical Simplify an expression with radicals
simplify Simplify an expression
square_free? Checks if exists a square-free factorization
substitute Substitute a variable by an expression
tail Tail of a polynomial
variables Variables of an expression
variable Variable of an expression