Numerical solve

Solves numerically an equation or a system of equations.

numerical_solve(Equation, ..., Equation)

Given an equation or system of equations, finds a solution using some numerical methods.

Below is a complete list of options that may be used in the numerical_solve function.

Option Description Format Default value
method We can choose the method to be used from the following: bisection, newton, regula_falsi, secant. String.
By default, the best method is selected.
initial_point The initial point for the numerical solver. When using secant, bisection or regula_falsi, two points need to be provided, and the function must have opposite sign in the those points. A real number.
{initial_point=1.0, method="newton"}.
By default, the best point is selected.
system_method We can choose the method to be used for the system resolution from the following: broyden, newton and steffenson. {system_method=”newton”} {system_method="broyden"}
tolerance We can choose the tolerance to be used. {tolerance=10^{-8}} {tolerance=10^{-12}}
result We can choose the format of output of the solution. {result="vector"} {result="table"}