Combinatorics and progressions

arithmetic? Checks if a progression is arithmetic
binomial Binomial number
category Category (arithmetic, geometric...) of a progression
combinations Number of combinations
combinations_with_repetitions Number of combinations with repetitions
composition Composition of two permutations
constant_sequence Create a constant sequence
convergent? Checks if a series is convergent
cycles_representation Representation of a permutation by cycles
distribution Distribution of the elements in a divisor
double_factorial Double factorial operation
factorial Factorial operation
fibonacci Fibonacci numbers
geometric_progression Geometric progression constructor
identity? Checks if a permutation is the identity
identity Constructs the identity permutation
jacobi Jacobi symbol
legendre Legendre symbol
lucas Lucas numbers
order Order of a permutation
permutation Constructs a permutation
permutations Permutations of a set
permutations_with_repetitions Permutations with repetitions of a set
polynomic? Checks if a progression is polynomic
progression Constructs a progression
ratio Ratio of a geometric progression
sequence Constructs a sequence
sign Sign of a permutation
step Step of a sequence
tartaglia Tartaglia triangle's row
transposition Transposition permutation
variations Variations of a set
variations_with_repetition Variations with repetitions of a set
vector Permutation to vector converter
zeros Sequence of zeros