absolute The absolute value of a number
base_change Change of base (decimal, binary...)
bezout Bezout identity
bit Bit expression of a number
ceil Ceiling function
chinese_theorem Chinese theorem coefficients
compare Compare function
decimal Decimal part of a number
denominator Denominator of a fraction
divisors_mu_moebius Divisors of mu-Moebius function
divisors Divisors of a number
extended_gcd Extended greatest common divisor algorithm
factor Factorization of a number
floor Floor function
gcd Greatest common divisor of integers
lcm Least common multiple of integers
mod Modulo operator
möbius_function Möbius function
negative? Checks if a number is negative
numerator Numerator of a fraction
phi_euler ϕ-Euler function
positive? Checks if a number is positive
prime? Checks if a number is prime
prime_power Prime power of a number
prime A prime number
quotient_and_remainder Quotient and remainder of euclidean division
quotient Quotient of euclidean division
rationalize Rationalize a fraction with square roots
remainder Remainder of euclidean division
round Rounding to the nearest integer
sign0 Sign function
sign Sign function
square? Square of a number
trunc Trunc a number
to_decimal To decimal form