Abstract Algebra

adjoint_element Adjoint element of a finite field quotient a polynomial
annihilating_polynomial Annihilating polynomial of an irrational
base Base ring of an extension
cardinal Cardinality of a set
characteristic Characteristic of a ring
components Element components in a ring
conjugates Conjugate of an element over the base field of an extension
content_and_primitive_part Content and primitive part of a polynomial
content Content of a polynomial
element_of_order Element of a desired order in a ring
elements Elements of a set
element Element of a set
extension Algebraic extension constructor
field? Checks if a set is a field
field Field where an element belongs
finite_field Finite field constructor
finite? Checks if a ring is finite
frobenius Frobenius endomorphism
index Position of an element in a set
irreducible_polynomials Irreducible polynomials of the desired degree
irreducible_polynomial Irreducible polynomial of the desired degree
irreducible? Checks if a polynomial is irreducible
number_of_irreducible_polynomials Amount of irreducible polynomials
order Order of an element over a field
power_modulo Power of a polynomial modulo another polynomial
precedent Precedent algebraic structure of an extension
primitive_element Primitive element of a field
primitive_part Primitive part of a polynomial
pseudoremainder Pseudoremainder of two polynomials
relative_degree Relative degree of an extension
resultant Resultant of two polynomials
resultant_matrix Resultant matrix of two polynomials
ring? Checks if a set is a ring
subextension? Checks if an extension is a subextension
total_degree Total degree of a field extension
tower Tower of an extension
Zn Z subscript p constructor