Partial fractions

Partial fraction expansion is used to change a rational fraction in the form f(x)g(x), where f and g are polynomials, into an expression of the form jfj(x)gj(x), where gj(x) are polynomials that are factors of g(x).


partial_fractions(Fraction, Ring)


Given a fraction of polynomials, returns a list L whose elements are lists L1, ..., Lk. The list Lj has as elements the polynomials fj(x) and gj(x)LaTeXg_j(x).


Given a fraction of polynomials and a ring, returns a list LLaTeXL whose elements are lists L1LaTeXL_1, ..., LkLaTeXL_k. The list LjLaTeXL_j has as elements the polynomials fj(x)LaTeXf_j(x) and gj(x)LaTeXg_j(x). The decomposition is done over the specified ring.