We've just about completed the integration of CALC in WIRIS QUIZZES, and most of the improvements in this release are aimed towards this. Soon we'll have a beta version to play with. In particular we've ported the programming environment - a new menu tab with the programming constructs is now available. Also bugfixes as usual.

New Feature

  • [CAS-872] - Enabled multiline environment for programing.
  • [CAS-874][CAS-946] - Instructions as while/ for / begin...end/ repeat loops added to CALC kernel.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-867] - Resolved issues regarding units of measure.
  • [CAS-912] - Resolved issues regarding some functions in different languages.
  • [CAS-924] - Functions from CAS work in this version with and without accents.
  • [CAS-928] - Language recognized as reserved word.
  • [CAS-932] - Identity matrix fixed in Spanish.
  • [CAS-939] - Resolved zoom issues and graph disappearing problems.
  • [CAS-944] - Resolved blinking icons for matrix.
  • [CAS-951] - Added begin...end loop in French and Portuguese.
  • [CAS-960] - Resolved lines in axis.


In this release, in continuation of the initiative to replace CAS with CALC in QUIZZES, we have added to WIRIS CAS the languages already present in WIRIS QUIZZES, and we have ported all the commands from WIRIS CAS to the WIRIS CALC engine, while tidying up some names a bit. This new version also includes improved graphics recognition: it is now possible to hand-draw parabolas, arcs and circles.

New Features

  • [CAS-900] - Added German, Greek, French, Portuguese and Portuguese Brazilian languages to WIRIS CALC interface in order to match with WIRIS QUIZZES UI languages.
  • [GRAPH-128] Recognition of freehand drawn parabolas and arcs of circumferences.
  • [GRAPH-126] Use snapping, linking of close elements, in hand-free drawing.


  • [CAS-79] - All WIRIS CAS commands now available in WIRIS CALC
  • [CAS-894] - Rationalization of command names in CALC

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-849] - Resolved problems with some keyboard shortcuts.
  • [CAS-853] - Added units with simple division ‘/’ in autoformat (km/h).
  • [CAS-863] - Resolved problem with vector not properly working in Spanish, Catalan, nor Italian.
  • [CAS-868] - Solved problems undoing graph-hand actions with two plotters.
  • [CAS-871] - Now "Mitjana" resolves when is applied to Random variable type.
  • [CAS-891] - Resolved PDF showing some text incorrectly.
  • [CAS-892] - Improved dynamic fonts in print.war
  • [CAS-895] - Repaired problems solving some equations with trigonometry.
  • [CAS-911] - Repaired problem with plotter disappearing when clicking Draw.
  • [CAS-779] - Created an automatic test for PDF output.
  • [GRAPH-123] - Repaired Undo/Redo fails when we delete entities in WIRIS CALC.

RELEASE 1.3 MAY 2017


As in previous iterations, this sprint has been mainly dedicated to free WIRIS QUIZZES from Java and the adaptation of WIRIS CALC to be the basis of the algorithms in WIRIS QUIZZES. Again we have been working in some beta features in the Graphing area, improving the handwriting mode. Among other things, you can draw some new figures in the plotter area; we are sure that the Graphing area in WIRIS CALC will be soon a great and useful tool ;)


  • [CAS-861] - Added WIRIS corporate logo in footer.
  • [CAS-881] - WIRIS desktop released.
  • [CAS-79] - Add to WIRIS CALC some of the WIRIS CAS kernel functions (expected to be finished with all functions in next 1.4 release).
  • [CAS-745] - Added random variables.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [GRAPH-120] - Constructive constraints in hand input.
  • [KERN-185] - New constraint "Ellipse arc by 5 points".



This Sprint iteration has been mostly dedicated to free WIRIS QUIZZES from Java. The creation of algorithms associated to some questions is based on WIRIS CAS, an online calculator with a Java applet interface. The creation of WIRIS QUIZZES algorithms will soon be based on WIRIS CALC, an online calculator based on HTML5 interfaces. Handwriting your graphical elements is starting to walk. We have enabled as a Beta feature the opportunity to draw a line or a circle in the Graphing area.

New features

  • Autoformat shortcuts enabled.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • Improved performance with PDF generation

Beta features

  • Handwriting support for element creation.


  • WIRIS CALC substitutes WIRIS CAS as our solution for matematical calculations and graphics.