bar_chart Draw a bar chart
bernoulli_variable Bernoulli variable
binomial_variable Binomial variable
boxplot Draw a boxplot
chi_squared_variable χ2\chi^2 variable
correlation_n Correlation computation, up to a factor
correlation Correlation computation
covariance Covariance computation
density Density function of a random variable
distribution Distribution function of a random variable
exponential_variable Exponential variable
histogram Draw a histogram
moment Moment computation
normal_variable Normal variable
pie_chart Draw a pie chart
poisson_variable Poisson variable
quantile Inverse of cumulative distribution
quartile Quartile computation
random Random number following a distribution
regression_exponential Regression following an exponential function
regression_line Regression following a linear function
regression_logarithm Regression following a logarithm function
regression_power Regression following a power law
student_t_variable tt-student variable
uniform_variable Uniform variable