Linear algebra

adjoint_matrix Adjoint matrix computation
canonic_vector Constructs a canonic vector
characteristic_matrix Computes the characteristic matrix
column Column of a matrix
constant_matrix Constructs a constant matrix
constant_vector Constructs a constant vector
diagonal_matrix Construct a diagonal matrix
dimensions Dimensions of a matrix
eigenvalues_and_vectors Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
eigenvalues Eigenvalues of a matrix
eigenvectors Eigenvectors of a matrix
gaussian_elimination Gaussian elimination algorithm
hermite Hermite decomposition
hermite_basis Hermite decomposition basis
hessenberg_reduction Hessenberg reduction algorithm
identity_matrix Identity matrix constructor
image Image or rank of a matrix
inverse Inverse of a matrix
jordan Jordan form
kernel Kernel of a matrix
linearly_independents? Checks if vectors are independents
lu_decomposition LU decomposition of a matrix
matrix_range Matrix dimensions range
matrix Matrix from polynomial
minor Minor computation
n_columns Number of columns of a matrix
norm Norm of a vector
n_rows Number of rows of a matrix
polynomial_to_companion_matrix Companion matrix constructor
qr_decomposition QR decomposition of a matrix
rank Rank of a matrix
rotation_matrix Constructs a rotation matrix
smith_normal_form_basis Smith normal form
smith_normal_form Smith normal form invariant factors
solve Solve linear system
subspace_intersection Intersection of subspaces
subspace_sum Sum of subspaces
supplement Supplement of an space
symmetric? Checks if a matrix is symmetric
symmetry_matrix Constructs the symmetry matrix
trace Trace of a matrix
transpose Transpose of a matrix
vectorial_product Vectorial or cross product
versor Versor computation